SELECT THE APPROPRIATE SESSION BASED ON YOUR COMPANIES MAINTENANCE STATUS: If you don't know until what date you have included live sessions Login to your portal account to check your maintenance status located on your Profile page. Person booking session must have a portal account or live session will be cancelled.

Session Options:

Initial Support Period: New customer purchases include a specific period of time to book unlimited live sessions for configuration and training. There is no cost for sessions booked during this term.The term is based on the type of license plan.   CLICK HERE

Active Maintenance  Your company has an active maintenance plan but are no longer within the initial term after purchase. There is a minimal cost for most sessions excluding update support. CLICK HERE

None or Expired Maintenance: Your company did not opt to continue a maintenance plan:   CLICK HERE

We normally will offer free sessions at various times throughout the year to assist with additional training on new features. However, staff with portal accounts can schedule sessions using the special link for additional training. The link is sent using our newsletter system when available to all staff except those with IT permission. If you opt out of the newsletters you will not be able to receive the newsletter with the link.