Setting up your company preferences into Crate Pro 6 is a critical component to being successful and having the program do the "heavy lifting' for your crate design.  

Live session and call back phone support is available to support members with a portal account. If you book a session and do not have a support portal account it will be cancelled. 

Typically same day sessions are booked however we understand emergencies do happen. For emergency issues only  email and enter 'Emergency" in the Subject line. Please briefly explain the issue so we can direct your issue to the correct representative. We will do our best to call you as soon as possible.  If you are ineligible for free phone support, payment must be made in advance. (We will not return calls if you do not have a portal account. This is to protect your companies private information and ensure information is not provided to persons not approved by the Primary on your portal account)   Preview Fees

PLEASE SELECT THE APPROPRIATE SESSION BASED ON YOUR COMPANIES MAINTENANCE STATUS -- THESE SESSIONS ARE NOT FOR UPDATE SUPPORT. If you don't know your maintenance status, it can be viewed when you login to your portal account and click on your Profile.

  • No Maintenance: Select these options below if your company did not opt to continue a maintenance plan or you purchased an older version where maintenance was not available.  Log into your support Profile you will see 'Maintenance Plan Valid Until' . If this is a past date your maintenance has expired and was not renewed.

  • Active Maintenance  Select these options below if your company has an active maintenance plan.  Log into your support Profile you will see 'Maintenance Plan Valid Until' . If this is a future date your maintenance is currently valid.

  • Free Support Period: Customers within the initial period after purchase designated for configuration and training support. The term is based on the type of license program.  Log into your support Profile you will see either  'FREE live session/ call back support ends: : date".. Please do not select these session options if you are not in your free support period.