Crate Pro 6 offers options to give you the ability to export a Pieces report. If your optimization software or saw accommodates import of 'flat' files, you may be able to import a report

We do not support any particular saw or software due to there being a large number of differences in saw platforms and regional procedures for wood cutting. Customers with maintenance plans can export from Design > Details > Pieces a file which can be field matched to your specific saw software. Effective with 'Crate Pro 6 r2008nn' (on FIleMaker 18), customers with maintenance can export a Pieces report with the like size materials combined for all designs on that Project from Projects > Print/Email > Pieces

Customers that do not have optimization software included with their saws have made the following suggestions.  If you would like to add another software,  please send to me at I have not reviewed any of these suggestions so will not be able to provide any information other than what was provided by customers:

Cut List Plus  

Optimalon Software -   

Maxcut -   

Cut List Workbench -   Allows for manual copy/paste of Excel file

Flat file = csv ,  tab  , xls , mer , dbf

Notes: In your Preference > Settings tab there are fields that will effect your Pieces reports. Ensure these are set for your company.