Customers with an active maintenance plan will have access to the most current release for Crate Pro and FileMaker software. Maintaining current software will help ensure compatibility with newer operating systems and hardware. Customers without maintenance may need to maintain legacy systems to ensure their Crate Pro and FileMaker software will continue to function.

Effective Crate Pro build 171102 the Build is based on the release date. Two digit year - two digit month - xx signifies the release day which will appear on the file.

FileMaker Pro (Client Software System Requirements)

FileMaker Server (server software System Requirements)

Crate Pro VersionFunctions On
1806xxFileMaker 16, 17
1712xxFileMaker 16, 17
1711xx (new build numbering effective November 2017 based on date of release)FileMaker 16
6.4001 to 6.4198FileMaker 13, 15, 16
6.3001 to 6.3998FileMaker 12, 13
6.2950 to 6.2999FileMaker 12,13
6.2201 to 6.2949FileMaker  9, 11
Crate Pro 5FileMaker 6