The Crate Pro monthly newsletter is resuming with a few tips to assist in making your crate design faster and easier!

# 1 You can update prices, weights and times on all or a filtered list of designs using Bulk Refresh: 

  • In the Design module: Select SHOW ALL at the bottom of the window to ensure that you are not filtering any designs
  • Hover over the 'Lock' icon in a design:  select ALT + CLICK to bring up the Bulk Refresh window
  • The bulk refresh provides many option to be selective as to what designs you want to update.
  • Note: When a design is added to a Project, the prices, weights and times are automatically updated to your current prices,weights and times even if you haven't refreshed the design itself

#2 Filter Projects by Salesperson
  • Staff that will have the role of sales must have Salesperson box checked in their account in the User module (users may have multiple roles)
  • Their name will now be selectable in the Salesperson field in the Project
  • Go to FIND > select the name of the salesperson you want to filter by as well as any other filters > CONTINUE
  • You can print the report as shown or export the information

#3 25 Skid templates have been added to the crate style templates

  • New crate style templates and skid templates have been added and can be found through Preferences > Styles > set Style Group to View to ALL
  • Skid designations are similar to crate designations: The first character is L, M, H indicates light, medium or heavy duty construction methodology
  • The second character = L for lumber, P for plywood, B for both
  • The third character = S for skid

Applies to version 6.4138 and later