There are many smaller features and hundreds of fixes that will enhance the speed of Crate Pro 6.   Here are shown some of the more major changes that are explained in more detail.

Customers with active maintenance can download the SketchUP CAD image for the crate style in the design

(customers requiring SketchUp may download a free version from the support portal)


Designs: Style Filter - When creating a new design you have greater control to filter styles.

Ensure that you've selected the appropriate Segment to see styles that apply. Example - to see Skids or Pallets, be sure that

that value is entered in the Segment.

Want to see SKIDS or ASTM styles, select the segment and see a filtered list.

Not all styles may filter at time of release. Updates will be made available to apply more styles into filters


Preferences: Style Help Button and Amalgamating Preferences > Styles options


Designs: More options to selecting international standards


Designs: New Design Creation -  image shown is based on your base and lower assembly settings in Preferences.


Projects: Amalgamated pieces reports available in Projects for all designs added to project. Reports can be filtered as needed


Projects: Inventory part numbers, if added to items in Inventory will appear on amalgamated 'Project Pieces' report. Exported reports in Reports module for 'Pieces' and 'Materials' reports also include inventory part numbers (External ID)


Designs > More: Joist assemblies now include a visual to understand the various joist configurations


Designs: Users can now select to include either a textured image or a wire-frame image or no image on the 'Customer Quote' form


Inventory: For items added to a project directly from the inventory module, users can set a default description for each line item as you want it to show on the project


Inventory: The 'Projects Fields List' filter now allows users to see for each inventory item, the number of checked 'Available On Projects' levels. Clicking on value will show user what units of measure have been checked.


FileMaker: Old database shortcuts can be cleared out from the users 'Launch Center' screens so only the current database file is available. This will help ensure users do not select an old file or the wrong Crate Pro file.



Preferences > Settings : New field added to allow admin to set the dimension entry basis when creating a new design. 

Once a dim basis is set it should NOT be changed in Preferences

Users migrating from versions earlier than 1112xx should not change the default Dim Basis in Preferences. You can select in each individual design to calculate that design by Content Dims