Here are videos to help you use your Crate Pro 6 CAD files. If you haven't downloaded SketchUP yet you will need to login to your portal to access the Solution Article with the download.

Active maintenance is required for CAD files. If you don't have SketchUP send a request to

On the CONTAINER > OVERVIEW tab you can download an image file with any of the base options. See where the arrow is pointing in this image. Use the 3 dots to scroll to the different image styles: wire frame, textured  and CAD.

***Due to the high volume of CAD downloads, our service provider discontinued CAD file downloads. For a SketchUP CAD file send an email to with the style template you want and you'll receive a link to download the the 2-4 files for that style.  (e.g. LPO-101 or HPI-221)

Because each style has up to 4 large files, please request a max of three styles at a time. 


The SketchUP CAD models are based on the style template and base configuration in your design.  You will easily be able to modify the files, make additions as well as add any text or dimensions. Most customers using SketchUP  modify it in a couple minutes.

In Crate Pro 6:

Using the PICTURES TAB you can save up to four images of your CAD file or as an attachment in the ATTACHMENTS tab.

When using the PICTURES tab you have the ability to see a thumbnail of up to four images and add notes to each image. In  PRINT / EMAIL screen you can print a single or all four images on a single sheet of paper which will include the  design information. 

  • In SketchUp to save the file as an image file select  File > Export > 2D Graphic . Save as a PNG file to your preferred location.
  • Customers find naming the image for the Design Number + [any other description you prefer] as the easiest way to locate and identify individual images

When using the ATTACHMENTS tab you will see the program icon of the file type. Such as XLS, DOC, PDF. To open an attachment, double click on the icon and save the attachment to a preferred location where it can be opened by its native program.

  • In SketchUP select to PRINT ( CTRL + P) , then select your PDF printer, Save the file to your preferred location.
  • Customers find naming the file for the Design Number + [any other description you prefer] as the easiest way to locate and identify individual images

Saving as CAD files (can be saved in Crate Pro 6 design as an attachment)  In SketchUp here are the options

  • Save: Saves the SKP file and updates your working model
  • Save As:  Allows you to save the model with a new name and select a save location. The file you're working in will now use the Save As name
  • Save A Copy: (preferred method for most companies) Allows you to save a copy with a new name and location AND it does not rename the file you’re working on.  This is advantageous when you add dimensions to two panels and want to save a copy as it is viewed at that time. Then you can continue to change the model and/or delete information you entered for better viewing.


There are many videos on YouTube and on the SketchUP website that can help you learn specific tasks. We created these short videos because they are specific to the Crate Pro style templates. Each video will only explain one or two features that you might use with Crate Pro 6. . The SketchUP Training Series is by SketchUP and will show you more information on each subject that you might find useful. 

If you're unfamiliar with using CAD models, each piece is a shape that is textured, or has the colors filled in to look like wood grain. A component, such as a lumber cleat, is a collection of shapes that are grouped together to make it three dimensional. A model is a collection of components which make up a crate. Always keep an untouched copy of your original SKP files in case you accidentally ungroup components and are not able to group them again. The videos we create are provide the basics on using SketchUP as most of our customers would. 


SKetchUP Adding Dimensions in the SketchUP Training Series: More on adding dimensions to your CAD images (SketchUP Series video)



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