Use these instructions to create or modify your Gold / Sponsor advertisement on The creation of and changes to your ad are done by you or someone you designate.


Listing your business in is easy and profitable! It provides you with the best exposure possible to other companies desiring your services within and around the crating industry. If you provide any products or services to the wood shipping crate industry in any of the listed Categories, you can create a free basic listing. 


Customers who have Crate Pro 6 crate design software with active maintenance receive a free Ad Spot for the duration of their maintenance plan. Crate Pro maintenance is renewable each year. A Gold-Sponsor ad gives you the option to advertise in more than one Ad Spot (Geographic Zone and/or Category of Service) at minimal cost. Crate Pro 6 customers must notify that they will be creating a Gold-Sponsor ad so we can code your ad so that you do not get charged.


Here's a sample of a Gold-Sponsor advertisement

Log-In to Your Member Control Panel - Are you already listed on the site?


Log in if you already have a member account or if an account has been created for you. 

 If you do not have a log-in or are not sure:


1> Check if your company already has a basic listing  on the website by clicking on the Companies/Services tab located on the left side of the home page and selecting your primary service Category. If you could have been placed in the wrong Category, please email us at to check for you.


2> If your company already has a listing , click on the listing and check if you have the option to 'create your account to manage the account ' . If so you will be able to create your first administrator member log in and password.


3>  If your company is not listed, go back to the Home page and select to Sign Up to enter your company information

No Account or Listing? Sign Up & Add Your Company


As shown previously, if your company is not on the website you will Sign-up on the Home page so you can add it


Enter your complete contact information and enter your company information. Click on Submit


Your Member Control Panel


Once you have an account, you'll see your Member Control Panel when you log-in. The options in your Member Control Panel allow you to create and modify your listing and/or Gold-Sponsor advertisement


Company Settings > General Settings > General Information


The General Information tab will contain your company information as well as indicate the Category your company will appear in.

Your company information should appear. Make any corrections as needed.


1> Select your primary Service Category that will allow prospects to find you when they select from the Companies/ Services on the website.

Crate Pro 6 customers: Your maintenance plan gives you one Service Category but you may select more in a later step

 If you chose to have a free basic listing, this is the only tab that you will enter information. If you are selecting to create a Gold-Sponsor advertisement you will continue. You may wish to continue to create a Gold-Sponsor ad to see how it would look and see the low cost. 

At the end of this article is a great option to Get More Business - you don't need a Gold-Sponsor ad to take advantage of these free resources!

Basic listings appear below the Gold-Sponsor ads on the webpage and are then listed alphabetically. A basic listing will only appear in one Category in one Geographic Zone. RFQ's that go through the webmaster account are offered to Gold-Sponsor members first.


Company Settings > General Settings > Sponsor Ad Information


1> Enter a sales contact person, their email, your own company website URL and contact phone numbers


2> Appear in All Range Searches - Prospects might enter a ZIP or Postal code to limit their search results from the main page to a specific area, however you might service a broader area. If you select to "Appear in All Range Searches", when the prospect searches by zip / postal code,  your company will appear in results if the zip / postal code is included in the the same Zone(s) you select.  Example: Your location is in Los Angeles but you can service many locations in the state. By checking this box, when a prospect searches by zip/postal code, your ad will appear if the zip code is anywhere in the zone California. When a prospect searches by State, Province or Country, Gold ads always appear at the top of the individual lists.


3> Service Area: In some situations you would prefer to display a broader area that you service instead of your street address. Such as the area you service is better described as the "Tri-County Area". Displaying your address isn't as helpful as displaying a broader area.  Other examples 'Serving California and Oregon'. Otherwise if your physical address in California is showing under the Oregon listing, it can cause confusion for prospects.


4> Advertising tag line: If you have a tag line for your business enter it here. An example would be ' Family owned and operated for 50 years' or 'Proud Veteran Owned Business"


5> URL: Copy paste the URL from any on line MAP application if desired. If you don't support local traffic to your location or you select multiple geographic locations, you will want to leave this blank


6> Company Logo: Upload a png or jpg. Best images are no more than 150 w x 75 h pixels


Don't forget to click on SUBMIT when done.

Company Settings > Sponsor Ad Categories


The primary Category is already checked based on your General Settings. You may select additional Categories here. 


For every category you select, check ALL options that reflect any products or services that you offer. Each option you select will place an icon for that selection on the left side of your Gold-Sponsor ad. There are no additional fees for selecting options.


1>  On each Category tab you want to appear in, check the main box. There are additional costs for additional Service Categories. (see yellow box on left as you add/remove Categories)


2> For each Category you selected, check ALL the options that apply in that category. [ISPM-15 Category is for companies that provide inspection services to crating and shipping companies]

Crate Pro 6 customers will receive the added icon for Crate Design Software


3> Check if you accept credit cards


Click on SUBMIT to continue

Company Settings > Sponsor Ad Geographic Zones


If you have Flash player you will see the map and can check the Zones you want your ad to be in. Click on the map and Allow flash to show. Based on your physical address, one geographic Zone is automatically pre-selected. At additional cost you may select multiple Zones. (see yellow box on left as you add/remove Categories)

A single Zone can be a state, province or even a country depending on location.


If you are unable to turn on flash and want additional zones or do not see your country, contact us a with those you want added. Once they are in your account you will be able to remove any you don't wish to keep.


1> To add more geographic Zones select the tab that contains the additional zones.


2> You can click on each zone on the map or for an entire country you can select the 'TOGGLE [country] ' option. You can remove individual zones as desired from the list.


Note- Until payment is made and your ad activated - your company will appear in only one zone which is the first one in the list. If you intend to keep a basic listing be sure to remove extra Zones or your company will appear in the wrong Zone.


Click on SUBMIT

Company Settings > Sponsor Ad Creation


This site uses the WYSIWYG editor. (What You See Is What You Get)


If you're familiar with using Word or a word processing application, you'll find this to be the same.


You can add hyperlinks, images and even videos to your page.



Need help? Scroll below for information if you already have a website



Balance Due? If you selected additional Service Categories and/or Geographic Zones


Have a Gold-Sponsor ad allows you to add additional Service Categories and/or Geographic Zones. 

Crate Pro 6 : The 1st Ad Spot is free with your maintenance plan.  One geographic Zone + one Category = An Ad Spot


1> To see how inexpensive it is to add more Categories and/or Zones select View the  yellow Sponsor Ad Pricing Table


2> Shows the selected number of Categories and Geographic Zones you selected


3> Check out link: The current payment method is via Pay Pal. If you do not have a verified Pay Pal account, payment can be delayed as they have a verification process with several steps. Payment is made to Deploy Tech Services. Pay Pal allows for international payments.


If you prefer to pay via credit card, send a request to with your company name and address.


We accept major credit cards or business checks, should Pay Pal not allow for your payment method (Some countries are restricted). Contact


THIS COMPLETES CREATING YOUR GOLD / SPONSOR ADVERTISEMENT = Continue below for more ways to manage your ad, and get free exposure


Consider inexpensive banner ads. There are two sizes that rotate through the website: Click Here for more information.

Get More Business FREE


Your advertising investment will not only increase your companies exposure to qualified buyers, it also helps us provide you and the rest of the community with these service.



Do you have a web site? If so, we ask that you consider adding our logo to your site along with a link to the home page or to your Sponsor Ad page. By doing so, you let your visitors know that you care about, and are a part of the wood box and crate community.


Select the logo below that best fits your site. Simply click on the appropriate button underneath the desired logo. This will copy the required code to your clipboard then you can paste it into the html code for your website.

Or you can right click on any graphic to cut-and-paste it to your web server.

PRESS RELEASES: In your member control panel you have the ability to submit press releases.  Accepted press releases are those that also appear in additional resources such as industry magazines, newspapers and industry websites. Press releases are not sales advertisements. After submitting a press release, send an email to and we'll check it.


ARTICLES: In your member control panel you have the ability to submit industry educational articles with links to your Gold-Sponsor Ad and website. These should be designed to provide information to others in and out of the industry. For longer subjects, its suggested to break up your articles into parts and submit them weekly or monthly. This provides greater exposure to your company. All articles must be authored by a WCO member. Accounts are free. After submitting an article, send an email to and we'll check 


Thank you for your support of! Your wood box and crating community.