Tips for creating a high quality listing.

The basics..


While creating your listing, be sure to mention all of the services you offer and say why you are better than the other guy. Are you faster, cheaper, build better boxes, easy to work with?


Use colors with caution! Except for photos, don't use more than two or three colors and make sure the colors complement each other.


Don't go overboard with emphasis. Sometimes you want to make one part of your listing really stand out. But if it stands out too much, you reduce the visibility of the rest of your information. The visitor may see what you've emphasized but may then miss other points.


The technical part...

Keep in mind that your ad is being delivered by computers and software. Just like the newspaper, a magazine, a flyer or the phone book, the look of your ad is important, but it's not the most important as you may think.


Your listing will generally be found in two ways. First, a person may find then navigate to your listing. Second, they may do a search and find your listing directly. We work to make sure you're found no matter how someone finds you, but you have to help if you want people to find your listing directly.


Using the right words, phrases, colors and sizes of text is important. Above all, don't try to cheat. Search engines don't like gigantic text or tiny text. And they look for words and phrases that are relevant to each other.


Here are some specific points:



  1. Be sure to mention your company name once every few paragraphs. Not too much though.
  2. Include your address and phone numbers in the listing even though they are already at the top.
  3. If you are in a commonly known region or near a big city then mention it. People may search for 'Silicon Valley', 'Broward County' or Atlanta. Best yet, create a bullet list of the areas you serve.
  4. While on the subject of bullets, use them. Create a list of your services. Make sure you don't leave anything out. If a visitor is searching for 'packing crating shipping' and you don't mention shipping, you may miss out. Do you have a truck? Then you do shipping.
  5. Don't use photos that are too large or too small in size, and don't try to upload a photo that has a really big file size. Monitors don't display high-resolution and our software will reduce the resolution anyway.
  6. Keep your listing clean looking. Search engines are very smart and they do have algorithms to determine if a site is cleanly laid out or if it's a mess.
  7. Give your listing time to work. Your listing on WCO will be likely be picked up faster by the search engines than a private website would. Your site will likely start moving up quickly within a few days, but sometimes it can take much longer. Search engines won't tell anyone exactly why, but the faster you get on the Internet, the faster you'll get noticed.
  8. Do not use flash within your ad. It is being deprecated on all platforms



After considering all the above; when you're ready for your listing to go live, send us an email. We will clean it up for you at your request. If you have all the basics on the page, we can go in and improve the fonts, color size and readability. All at no extra charge.

What if I already have a website?

Then you know the value of web advertising.


Creating a Sponsor Ad on will add value to your current advertising. We spend the time to optimize our site for the best search positioning and constantly analyze the results of our technical marketing efforts here on WCO. Search engines constantly change the methods they use to rank websites so nobody can cheat by throwing lots of money at learning their secrets. The only way to stay at the top is to keep reviewing your rankings and adjusting the site as necessary.


If you have your own website, one of the most valuable online asset you can have online is high value links going to your site. Overall, is more than 500 times larger than any other site we've found in the industry. This along with how we manage our search engine positioning makes us the highest value site in the crating industry.


Simply by creating a Sponsor Ad that includes your companies name and information about your company, you are creating valuable advertising. But when you put a link in your Sponsor Ad that goes to your website, you have now increased the ranking of your personal website.


This just skims the surface of how it all goes together. If you would like to get more information, please contact us by emailing The details of exactly what we do is our secret but we are willing to share some information.


Here's one small tip: Many companies test their search engine rankings by typing in the name of their company and seeing if the come out on top. But this simply reflects that someone who is already looking for YOUR site can find it. In reality, people enter many different words or phrases that relate to what they are looking for. They want to find a 'new' company to do business with and hopefully you want these new customers to find you.

What if I don't have a website?

Then you're in the right place!


Most companies don't have a website because of the cost and challenges in creating one. If you work hard to create a good image of your company, you want your website to reflect that quality.


A Sponsor Ad here at gives you the web presence that any modern day business needs. You can create your own unique page that will get peoples attention.


Websites are intended to do two things. To inform current customers and to find new ones.


ANY website can easily inform current customers and most do. A current customer can easily search the Internet for your company name and find you easily so they can get your phone number, see what services you offer, etc. If that's all you want and need, you don't need us. provides you with a web presence that allows new prospects to find you so you can make them long lasting customers. Building a website that isn't properly designed and optimized for web marketing is like opening a new business in a back ally then putting up a wooden sign believing it will bring in big business. You are competing with many thousands of companies on the Internet and the wooden sign in the back ally doesn't cut it.


At we constantly monitor our web performance and update the front-end and back-end of the site to keep us at the top of the search engine results. Because WCO is made up of thousands of pages and contains just about everything that a Packing & Crating company needs, the search engines like us. By placing a Sponsor Ad here, you get positioning by association. Since your page will be a part of our site, you will benefit from all our efforts.


Be sure to read the Tips for creating a high quality listing to learn how to write your page.

Get More Business


Your advertising investment will not only increase your companies exposure to qualified buyers, it also helps us provide you and the rest of the community with these service.



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