Each new release of Crate Pro may include new fields or re-arrange existing fields. The correct field matching is taken into account for a minimum of the two previous releases and may fail if you are migrating from an older release.

If you did not stay current and your working release is older than two releases behind, we offer a fee based migration service which will step through the updates till you're current. The service is for a minimum of two hours and could be up to five hours depending on how many releases we have to step through. We'll do our best to estimate the amount of time required. Success is NOT guaranteed and non-refundable but we will do our best to ensure your data is migrated.

Follow These Steps Prior to Sending Your FIles:

1> Create a new USER account in Crate Pro with Admin privileges. You will provide the USER name and the temporary password, or login as that user and create a permanent password. Supply this information with your files. You will be able to delete this USER when your files are migrated. Do NOT provide any account information for your FileMaker software. Failure to create a new admin user will add 1.5 hours to your invoice as we need to remove all user security and rebuild it.

2> Make note of ALL your current USER logins and the privileges you set. Depending on the release you are updating from, all the USER accounts will be deleted. You'll need to re-create the USER accounts and the users will create new passwords. .

3> If you are on any release 3nnn or 4nnn the following style templates have been consolidated because of duplication. Go to the Design module > click on SHOW ALL at the bottom of the window > At the top of the window in the VIEW box change to show Summary List > Click on the header for Style to sort:  If any of your styles are the OLD numbers, please provide the Design number and the Old Style number. We'll update them for you.

OLD NUMBER "LPO-319" ;   "LPO-329" ;  "LPO-384" ;  "LLO-162" ;  "LLO-492" ;  "LLM-342" ;  "LLO-102" ;  "LLO-104"   

NEW NUMBER "LPO-119" ;  "LPO-189" ;  "LPO-189" ;  "LLO-562" ;  "LLO-392" ;  "LLO-382" ;  "LLO-112" ;   "LLO-102"

4> You will be provided a link to upload your files based on the date scheduled. 

  • Send ONLY your working files and NO backups, unless your working files are corrupted. We are not able to migrate data from files that you can not open or have been corrupted. 
  • Make sure you are sending your most current working files otherwise any missing data will have to be manually entered by you. 
  • Because of the length of time required for us to migrate legacy releases, please plan to schedule your migration at least 1 week in advance. (Note: It has occured that companies have sent empty or files with minimal data  - we have to change the security and other settings prior to opening your files so if you send the wrong files and we have begun the process, we will have to charge your for the amount of time spent and you will be invoiced the additional time needed to start a new set of files. 

5>  While we have your files, take the time to update your FileMaker software on all clients and server (if purchased) On clients do not remove the old version of FileMaker Pro in case you have to re-open an old release of Crate Pro 6 to confirm old data. 

However, only a single version of FileMaker Server can be installed on a single computer. So plan to use a new server computer or if you will use the same server,  ensure that you have completely removed your old version of FileMaker Server in favor of the new one. 

If you are using the same server and need to open your old release of Crate Pro 6, you can do so directly on a client that has the old version of FileMaker Pro running.

We will provide complete instructions to replace your new file when completed. Please let us know if you're running peer-to-peer or client-server (FileMaker Server purchased).