All phone support is scheduled through the Calendar except for emergency support.

To be able to offer support in a timely manner to all customers, and avoid an incredible amount of wasted time playing telephone tag, we request that all support be scheduled via the Calendar. This ensures that we have a support representative available to work with at a specific time, and you are available to work with someone. Since we work in all time zones, this also ensures that each party sees the correct appointment time in their time zone.

Customer Support Calendar 

Free phone support is available to customers with an active maintenance plan. Paid phone support is an option for customers without maintenance, and on an active or deprecated release.  End-of-life releases are not eligible for phone support. Check your Release Here

Emergency phone support is available for emergencies, such as when your Crate Pro 6 system is fully down and you're unable to work.  This option is not for basic questions or training.  We allow for 30 minutes and will schedule additional time if we're unable to help you resolve your issue within that time frame.

You will need to have access to backups of your Crate Pro 6 files. Administrator access to FileMaker Server (if using server) and a Crate Pro 6 log in with admin access. 

When you call the emergency line, follow the instructions to leave all the required information. A rep will verify your eligibility and call you back as soon as a support agent is free. If you're not eligible you will not receive a return call.

US  1-386-385-4687