Crate Pro is a program written using FileMaker database software. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world’s largest organizations, use the FileMaker Platform to streamline their business processes, manage essential information, and boost overall productivity. Crate Pro 6 running on the FileMaker platform gives custom crating companies the flexibility to inexpensively design, cost and quote their crate jobs in seconds.

Understanding FileMaker Pro and your Crate Pro Database

The Crate Pro database runs inside the FileMaker Pro programThis is similar to using a spreadsheet file in Excel©. You can add formulas to an Excel spreadsheet then enter data and the formulas will calculate results. In this regard, your Crate Pro database is similar to a very complex spreadsheet.

You will install FileMaker Pro on client/host computer(s) up to the number of licenses purchase. FileMaker Server is installed on your server computer if this option is purchased. Your Crate Pro program is installed on a single computer which will be either the host or server based on your purchase.

FileMaker is a very powerful desktop database. If you're comfortable with computers, you may find it easy to create your own databases and automate your business. To use Crate Pro, you do not need to know anything about FileMaker Pro, however if you want to take advantage of the power of FileMaker Pro to write your own databases, the Quick Start screen will provide a good starting point. Your CAL license is bundled with a 'full' FileMaker Pro license and can be used outside of Crate Pro.

Based on your license purchase Crate Pro can be installed in various configurations

  • Stand Alone – Crate Pro is installed and accessed from a single computer (legacy, EDU and GVT). You have a single CAL and DAL license purchased.
  • Peer-to-Peer - The Crate Pro database resides on one end-user computer which will be the ‘host’ for your Crate Pro database files and will be used to access the program as a client. Additional computers are called ‘clients and connect to Crate Pro on your Host via LAN, WAN, VPN or internet connection.  CRATE PRO IS NOT INSTALLED ON A COMPUTER RUNNING SERVER SOFTWARE IN THE PEER-TO-PEER CONFIGURATION.
  • Client-Server - The Crate Pro database runs on a server using FileMaker Server software and is shared with multiple computers.This configuration has a number of benefits such as: greater file security, faster processing time, ability to host multiple databases should you want to manage multiple locations from a single server, automated backups, auto restart after a reboot and remote control for administrators.  
    • If you have multiple locations which have different pricing, customers, policies, etc and want to host multiple Crate Pro databases from a single location, get FileMaker Server. 
    • FileMaker Server is required if you have more than 5 computer clients or concurrent connections. 
    • Client-Server allows for Remote Desktop Services and Citrix configurations
    • Best for any company with a server including global enterprise
    • This is an optional purchase for less than five clients.

FILEMAKER FileMaker is installed on all computers that will access or host Crate Pro.  Review this section to confirm your systems meet the minimum technical requirements for installation 

Crate Pro should only be opened and accessed through FileMaker. NEVER open or connect to Crate Pro through a 'shared' drive or install your Crate Pro files on a computer that does not have FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server installed*.

Best Practices Before Installing Crate Pro and FileMaker Software : We suggest taking one minute to review this solution before installation

FileMaker Pro System Requirements   A FileMaker Pro license is included with each CAL license purchased. A CAL license is required for each unique end-user computer that will connect to a Crate Pro database. FileMaker Pro is not installed on the server when FileMaker Server is purchased) 
  • * For virtual environments a CAL license is purchased for each unique end-user computer that will connect to your Crate Pro database files even though the FileMaker software is installed on the virtual server and the Crate Pro files on the file server. This installation required the purchase of FileMaker Server. You may not have more installations of FileMaker Pro on virtual servers than you have CAL licenses for.
  • Individual User accounts to access Crate Pro do NOT require a license. The computers are licensed.

FileMaker Server System Requirements  (Use this link only if you purchased FileMaker Server). FileMaker Server is optional when less than 5 CAL have been purchased and you are not using a virtual server. Using FileMaker Server gives you many benefits such as increase your design speed, auto-restart after reboot, automated backups and greater security. Use of server is for the Client-Server configuration.

Updated System Requirement Information:


NEW INSTALLATIONS   Use this section if this is a new installation of FileMaker and Crate Pro. (if you're updating with data migration go to UPDATE section)

Client-Server Installation Document: This configuration uses FileMaker ServerUse this document if you purchased FileMaker Server 

Peer-to-Peer and Stand-AloneUse this document of you did NOT purchase FileMaker Server. 

Legacy installation documentation. Crate Pro 6 and newer. Older versions can be found on the support site  Click Here for legacy documents

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UPDATE  Update with data migration

Crate Pro updating:

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Crate Pro Legacy Versions:

Customers on Crate Pro 6 build 3045 to 4136 are eligible to be upgraded to build 4138 at no cost for the software. If a new download is required for the software or license key files there is a fee. fee schedule 

FileMaker Upgrade Documentation: 

FileMaker and Crate Pro updating rarely occur at the same time. Updating your FileMaker version involves uninstalling your old version and installing your new version but make sure your Crate Pro build is compatible with the version of FileMaker you're updating to. A new license key for FileMaker will be sent to the Primary member(s) on the support portal.

FileMaker Software: Confirm that your working Crate Pro build is compatible before upgrading FileMaker. 

Crate Pro version compatibility.

Older versions of Crate Pro and FileMaker are end of life and not supported