The default settings included with Crate Pro are commonly used industry values which should be adjusted to your own companies values.  Crate Pro 6's hundreds of preference settings are designed to quickly determine not only your crate design and construction, but your costs, profit levels, labor time estimates, materials used and much more. By modifying the default settings and entering your companies baseline settings, your design process is faster and more accurate . You can expect to tweak values as you use the program and gain a better understanding of what and how different values affect your results.


The initial configuration sessions build on each other to reduce the time required for configuration as well as simplify the understanding of the setting values.  Each one hour session will go through as much of the configuration process as possible. The session topics are described below and we'll go through as much or as little as needed each session to ensure you understand the values and are confident you can follow through on your own. To complete the initial configuration process, additional time will need to be spent offline. The configuration usually requires the first 3-5 sessions after which we focus on User training and tweaking your settings. 


Here is what's typically covered in each session: (Assumes that Crate Pro 6 is installed).

Session 1: Review of selecting your companies preferred crate style templates. Crate Pro includes over 400 style templates broken down into easy to use naming standards. Narrowing down that list to your companies preferred style templates you will use as your starting point is critical for success. We'll review the naming convention so you can continue to select your preferred style templates offline. We will review some common construction settings and entering hourly labor rates and general material markups. Review USER and CUSTOMER modules.

Session 2: Inventory module. Crate Pro includes over 350 inventory items commonly used to build crates, pallets and skids. This list will be 'cleaned' so items not used are moved to the inactive section. Items that you use that are not already in the program will be added.A review of entering costs, purchasing units of measure, waste factor and other settings affecting inventory.

Session 3: Set up Material Groups. Based on your preferred style templates, common material groupings will be set and named for easy locating when designing a crate. (This session assumes that you have deactivated items not used and added inventory items that were not already in Crate Pro as explained in Session 2) . Review Material Group rules.

Session 4: Projects and Home module.  Projects generate all reports and include additional options to print combined cut lists for all materials. Projects allow users to set the status of designs on that order and see combined totals for costs, selling prices, weights, times and more. The Home screens are based on the User settings and allow users to focus on their work and easily provide information through Crate Pro to foreman and managers.

Additional Sessions: User training  and Special Sessions

Once Crate Pro is initially configured there usually is additional tweaking required as you learn the program. This is done through 30 and 60 minute sessions. Custom crating companies have different areas of focus so when booking the session you'll have an opportunity to specify what you wish to cover or review.

Additional Sessions Subject Ideas - 

  • Creating designs and adjusting results: Primary User training
  • Review of quoted and selling prices. Making adjustments for more accurate results
  • Review of Design and Project Status fields for better staff communication
  • Setting up Forms: quoting, emails, etc..
  • Templates and Duplicate designs: How do they work and are they a fit for me?
  • ISPM tracking
  • Assistance in selecting style templates
  • Users and user permissions
  • Customer management

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