TThe default settings included with Crate Pro are commonly used industry values which should be adjusted to your own companies values.  Crate Pro 6's hundreds of preference settings are designed to quickly determine not only your crate design and construction, but your costs, profit levels, labor time estimates, materials used and much more. By entering your companies baseline settings your design process is faster and more accurate . You can expect to tweak values as you use the program and gain a better understanding of what and how different values affect your results.


The configuration sessions build on each other to reduce the time required for configuration as well as simplify the understanding of the setting values.  Each one hour session will go through as much of the configuration process as possible. The session topics are described below and we'll go through as much or as little as needed each session to ensure you understand the values and are confident you can follow through on your own. Due to the amount of time required to complete some of the configuration steps, there will be additional work for you or a staff member to do that should be completed before scheduling the next session. Getting the majority of your configuration done is critical for users to learn how to use the software. The configuration usually requires the first 3-5 sessions after which we focus on User training and tweaking your settings. 


Here is what's typically covered in each session: (Assumes that Crate Pro 6 is installed)

Session 1: Selecting at least one Preferred crate style template and ensuring that you understand the style template naming convention so you can continue to select them at your leisure. Many style templates have very minute differences so understanding how to identify and set preferred styles. You'll set some baseline preference settings and design a few crates with those settings. We'll briefly cover the User module and privileges so staff members can have access with correct privilege settings. Time permitting we'll cover the Customer module. Administrators and staff familiar with your companies crate construction methods and your policies should attend. (Offline you'll select additional Preferred Style Templates)

Session 2: Inventory module. Before you start designing crates for customers, you need to enter your settings for materials you use and other unique values such as your waste factor, purchase unit of measure, all the materials named as you want them, your costs and so on. Materials not already in Crate Pro 6 need to be added and default materials not used need to be removed. We'll review additional Style Templates you've selected and any issues you've encountered with them. Will go over Customer module if not competed in Session 1.  This session should be attended by administrators and staff familiar with materials you purchase, in what quantity they're purchased, costs for those purchases and waster factor for those materials. (Offline you'll complete Inventory module setup. Your Customer list may also be imported if desired)

Session 3: Review of inventory and the Fastener tab. In Inventory, the fasteners settings offer the most variables that affect your design costs, weights and times. Set up Material Groups and review common rule settings for each family of crate styles selected.  You'll design many crates with your settings and  review results. Review of labor times based on settings.  Administrators and staff involved in the design and pricing process should attend. (Offline you'll create multiple crate designs for each Preferred crate style you selected, make notes in the design of what results are not what you expect so these can be adjusted)

Session 4: Review your results from offline designs creation and review what changes are for default settings and what are custom changes/manual. Usually attendees to this session have participated in some of the configuration sessions and are familiar with your company procedures for crate design.  We'll review the benefit of creating templates versus creating stock designs. Review Projects module. All reporting is generated by the Projects module and is critical for you success with Crate Pro 6.

Additional Sessions: User training - Once you have a comfort level on the configuration settings then you can arrange for staff to go through user training. User training is only effective once you configure your installation. Because each company determines what an individual user has access to, we recommend that an admin be on the session so we focus on educating your staff based on what you expect their permissions within Crate Pro 6 to be. A general training may cover more features than you want available to an individual. We'll cover the Home module, which is the starting point for all logged in staff. We'll also review the member support portal, creating a log in, and the different types of support available. (The Primary / Owner should ensure that staff members signing up on the member portal have the correct portal permission level for support, which is not the same as the permissions in Crate Pro 6)

Sessions should book through the support portal or by emailing Joseph at The person requesting a session should confirm they have the correct time zone in their member profile as this is used to provide available session times.