The design process should be extremely quick and simple based on the assumption that you have selected your preferred style templates and set your baseline settings. 

While its simple to make modifications to any design after you create it, you can save hours and hours of design time each week by ensuring that your baseline settings are accurate for your company. Most companies can complete a design with changes in under 5 minutes.


Creating a New Design:

1> In the Design module > click on NEW in the upper left corner to select your preferred crate style template

Versions 17xxx and later: If you selected your preferred style templates you can select them from the Preferred drop down. If you didn't select Preferred style templates, change the drop-down to Crates. Other style filters allow you get more specific in selecting a style that meets your needs if not already shown in the Preferred set.

Versions 6.2 to 6.4: If you set up your preferred style templates you can select them from the Preferred tab. If not you may see all the available crate style templates from the Crates tab or crate styles that meet published standards in the Spec tab.

2> In the new design window, the only information thats required is the Inside Dims or Content Dims values unless your admin set other fields to require input. Many other fields will have preset values set by your administrator. You may chose to change these fields: such as the base type, closure condition and fasteners that will be used. If you are happy with your information select Continue or click on the green arrow to continue.  Here are a few commonly changed fields.

  • Description. This will allow you to easily identify the design.  Consider that each design you create as an inventory item. You would not need to create a new design if all the same values would apply again. You can easily update any changes to the material prices, weights and labor times by unlocking and re-locking a design so it can always stay current. Crate Pro 6 will fill in a design number if you leave it blank
  • Material Groups - Crate Pro 6 allows you to build the same crate style using any one of five unique groupings of lumber and plywood. This field allows you to swap out the materials in favor of another grouping. The materials in each group are set by your administrator and it can help to have a print out of what is in each group.
  • Packing Materials - If you commonly use wrapping, padding, floater decks or caseline, this selection allows Crate Pro to automatically apply these materials while calculating the crate. Your administrator will set up your common materials groups. When using a packing material that uses the content dimensions, such as wrapping, click on the More Dimensions tab and confirm the correct content dimensions are entered. The content dimension value shown is based on a clear area value set by your administrator
  • Assembly /Closure Fasteners - Your defaults appear here as set by your administrator. If not what you want to use, change out the fasteners now. 

3> Review the results. Lock the design using the lock icon to update the results and/or unlock the design to make changes. The results shown are based on baseline values your administrator entered as part of the configuration process and the crate style you're using. Changes can be made to any of these values to meet the needs of the particular crate job. Being a custom crater you can expect to make changes but if you feel you are making a large number of changes, either create a ticket to or set up a live session to review your settings. Some changes to your baseline settings can make the design time significantly faster.

4> Cut Lists: Completed and locked designs should be added to a Project in the projects module however, this is not a requirement. To print cut lists and other reports from the Design module, click on Print/Email located at the top of the window. 
  • Clicking on the magnifying glass to the left of a report will allow you to preview it before printing. Tap the Enter key on your keyboard to continue from a preview and open your print dialogue box.
  • Clicking on the text button for the report will either send the job directly to your printer or open your print dialogue box (depends on your computer settings)