Customers with an active maintenance plan will have access to the most current release for Crate Pro and FileMaker software. Maintaining current software will help ensure compatibility with newer operating systems and hardware. 

Ensure that you update your FileMaker and Crate Pro releases when provided. Migration support is available for no more than two Crate Pro releases behind.

Crate Pro VersionClient  SoftwareServer Software (client-server)Able to Migrate Data From Crate Pro release
1907nnFileMaker Pro 19FileMaker Server 18, 19180730 to 19073
190736 with update to Data SharedFileMaker Pro 19
FileMaker Server 18,191807nn to 190735
190730FileMaker Pro 19 FM Server 18 ,19180729, 180730
1807nnFileMaker Pro 15,16 FM Server 16, 184138, 1712nn
1712nnFileMaker Pro 15,16
FM Server 16not eligible
171102FileMaker Pro 15,
FM Server 15, 16none
6.4001 to 6.4198FileMaker Pro 13, 15 FM Server 13, 15not eligible
6.3001 to 6.3998FileMaker  Pro 12, 13  FM Server 13not eligible
6.2950 to 6.2999FileMaker Pro 12,13 FM Server 12, 13not eligible
6.2201 to 6.2949FileMaker Pro  9, 11 FM Server 9, 11not eligible
Crate Pro 5FileMaker  Pro6 FM Server 6none

System Requirements Versions:

All Server Operating System Compatibility

FileMaker Server 19            FileMaker Pro 19

FileMaker Server 18           FileMaker Advanced 18

FileMaker Server 16           FileMaker Pro 16 client

FileMaker Server 15           FileMaker Pro 15 client

FileMaker Server 13          FileMaker Pro 13 client