Small quick fix updates are not documented here. 

Release Crate Pro 6 NEXT (Pending) 

  • Feature: Added CANCELLED as a Project Status: Allows you to maintain potential orders and pricing for orders not accepted
  • Feature: Added PROSPECT as a Customer Type in Customer module. Allows you to retain information on prospective customers for future orders
  • Feature: SALESPERSON field in Projects changed to use Full Name (name) field instead of Login (account) field from User module. New feature: you may set this field to display only the first name or entire name in the Salesperson field
  • Changed the Inventory item screen to clearly indicate values used in the Design module versus values used in the Projects module
  • Feature: In Design module adds a ruler icon on each panel screen to show all dimensions; content, ID, OD, shipping and added
  • Feature: In Design > Details > Pieces: If a material is Nonactive in Inventory, a ? will appear alongside the dimensions. This will ensure users can confirm the correct material is being used and the correct costs/markups are being applied
  • Feature: In Design > Details > Materials: If a material is Nonactive in Inventory, the material ID will be crossed out. This will ensure users can confirm the correct material is being used and the correct costs/markups are being applied
  • Feature: New fields for managing pallet Admin versus Production time added to Preferences > Times
  • Feature: Replacement of Preference > Influences with a new Basis for Estimated Handling time. Allows users to more accurately see labor times associated with the quantity of crate pieces.
  • Feature: For these spec crates now allows support cleat rules to be changed on Top panel: LMO-101, LMO-102, LMO-121,  LMO-202, LMO-221
  • Feature: Ability for each user to set a default quantity for each report to be printed with a single click. Available in Designs and Projects in Print/Email tab.
  • Feature: Waste factor change in Inventory will now update in a design when the design is refreshed. Similar to the material pricing. 
  • Feature - allows user to filter by Style number when in List View by clicking on any of the style I.D.s  or the Style header in the Design module
  • Feature - Design > Packing > Other: Users are able to hover over the line item so see the unit of measure being calculated for this item
  • Feature: Design > Details > Export: The External ID for a material is now included as a column in the exports. The External ID may be added in Inventory for each item and is typically used to enter the part number for purchasing
  • Feature - Adds a ZOOM level in Home module to change viewing levels for that session.
  • Feature - User module adds separate Zoom levels for login and/or Print Preview and Reports
  • Fixes ZOOM level default setting in User module
  • Fixes Issue where users can limit and/ or specify images to be printed from Designs > Pictures > Print
  • Fixes issue where Billing Terms in Projects > Price Overview now correctly appear on Project Invoices (not working)
  • Fixes issue where Crate Style Template description automatically appeared on Quote and Invoice documents
  • Fixed style template LPO-104 - fixes end panel and cleat calculations

Release Crate Pro 6.190737 and Data Shared file (FileMaker Pro 19)

  • FileMaker Pro 19 contains Advanced features which require an update to the Data Shared file as well as the main file.
  • Provides compatibility with macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS Monterey and Windows 11. v
  • Fixes issue where client computers could not release their CAL license or deleted a different CAL line item (note: Windows 10 may still apply cache settings independent of Crate Pro 6 files)
  • Fixes issue where deleting User accounts deleted a different user account than one selected
  • Fixes issue where deleting a device (client computer) removed a different device than one selected
  • FIxes issue in Home screens: Image of crate style appears on View Details when selected
  • Companies with more than 8 DAL will no longer have the last connected User disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity
  •  Companies with 10+ CAL will no longer receive pop-up messages when first logging in
  • Companies with FileMaker Server 18 or Server 19 are able to notify via server messaging, or remove inactive client connections via the Admin Console. The Admin Console can be accessed from any browser with proper credentials and does not require FileMaker product installed on that device
  • Feature: All exportable reports are turned on:
    • Project Audit
    • Project Prices
    • Project Line Items
    • Line Item Summary
    • Line Item Prices
    • Line Item Weights & Dims
    • Project Designs

  • New Style Templates:

LLI-235 ASTM 6880 Style 7 (style not appearing in ASTM drop down)
MPI-381 JIS Z 1403 Type 3
LPO-385 ASTM D6251; Mil Spec PPP-B-601; BS Spec BS 1133; Russian GOST
LPO-485 ASTM D6251; Mil Spec PPP-B-601; BS Spec BS 1133; Russian GOST

  • Other corrected spec styles:

HLI-406  German Spec DIN 55 499 T1

HLI-407  German Spec DIN 55 499 T1

LLO-472  BS Spec BS 1133

LLI-235   ASTM D6880; Mil Spec PPP-B-621

MPI-301   Italian UNI 9151

MPI-303   Italian UNI 9151

MPI-341   Italian UNI 9151

MPI-343   Italian UNI 9151



MPI-381   Italian UNI 9151

MPI-383   Italian UNI 9151




HPI-431 fixes Side and End framing and support cleats to account for Top panel cleat dimensions

HPI-411 fixes header calculation so headers calculate as width of the inside dimension

Release Crate Pro 6.1807nn  (final release on FileMaker Pro 16)

  • Fixes issue where materials added in the Design > Packing > Other will duplicate when a design is duplicated or a new design is created from a template
  • Fixes issue where items added to Packing > Other in designs will multiply when duplicated or a template used (Users may need to delete an old template to remove old code)
  • Allows inactive inventory items to be used in a design without errors if the inventory is in a Material Group in Preferences > Construction > Material Groups (Material Group should be updated to only include active inventory items). Users should still check to ensure only active materials are being used.
  • New feature: Text added to the 'Details' section on cut lists for skids and/or rub strips when the components are  marked as stacked or side by side
  • New feature: Design > Print/Email > Pictures - Users can click in a single picture which will then print out full single image size versus click on the 'Print Picture Selection' which will print the image in a 1/4 section.
  • New feature: An icon will appear on the cut lists for all On Edge lumber no matter the default Preference > Setting orientation
  • New Feature: Inventory module: Search box at bottom of window allows you to scroll to a 2nd section and select Active materials. This fast find filter gives you the ability to change prices, vendors and more very quickly.
  • Removes the duplicate list of style templates
  • Clarifies 'stack' / 'side by side' icon on Lower Assembly in Designs. 
  • Fixes issue were there was a calculation issue that applied to wrapping length that looks like it was isolated to US users without custom coding
  • Wrapping length value now appears on cut lists

Release Crate Pro 6.1712nn

  • Added new field in Preferences > Settings to allow users to set default Dim Basis when creating new designs. (Inside Dims or by Content DIms)
  • New feature: Inventory > Plywood - ability to enter new Tracking (purchasing) level for multiple sheet or bulk units of measure
  • Fix in Designs > Pallets > Components: Able to select this tab (bug in build 171102)
  • Fixed that when creating a new design TEMPLATES can be selected and Crate Pro will filter to show templates (bug in 171102)
  • Fixed error that new design by content dims was not available for selection in Design module
  • Roofing felt calculation in Design > Container >More tab more accurate yield based on surface area
  • Skid and Rub Strip orientation when changed from default settings will maintain the new orientation when the Rules are run on a Template or duplicated design.
  • Removed auto addition of extra labor minutes in Design from the addition of Spray Adhesive (bug in 171102)
  • Fixes issue to allow MAC users to update

Release Crate Pro 6.171031 
  • Download and save Sketchup CAD files specific to the Style and base configuration being designed.
  • Better and faster search capabilities in Projects and Designs
  • Text formatting options in Forms for Projects and Designs
  • Inventory: New 'Project Fields' list view allows for quick view and modification of items available for sale directly from Inventory
  • Projects: Materials added directly from Inventory will now show unique description entered in Inventory > Price Levels
  • New Closure Condition - EEO - Both Ends Off
  • New Indicators in Designs and Projects to better show attachments and pictures exist
  • Special (Ice Cream) Pricing indicator added in more visible areas
  • Print AMALGAMATED Project pieces list
  • Amalgamated Project pieces list can be filtered by material
  • Multiple features to better control individual components and design templates
  • Increased information about Designs in Projects
  • Skid styles added
  • Real Skid Styles will be available with more options in next few months
  • ISPM15 indicator on Project Quotes
  • Better Selling Price control and adjustment on Projects 
  • Preferences Form Templates: Information that is auto entered can be deleted and changed as desired with static information
  • New Style search features
  • Fixed inconsistent Header calculation
  • Padding thickness accounted for when designing by content dimensions
  • New styles available in Preferences > Styles and in Designs > New design
  • Customer Billing code now appears on Project Forms: Work Order, Quote, Invoice
  • Hazmat indicator in Design appears on Project line item and can be toggled on/off
  • Able to select Design > Padding fields to modify materials without using TAB key
  • Inventory > Other: Clarification to check 'Riser' box to account for material thickness in crate dimensions
  • Home screen Find By Project Number correctly creates a list of applicable projects
  • Joist orientation correctly defaults to vertical
  • Reports > Pieces and Materials report correctly locates Project based on Project status and date range
  • Reports > exported Pieces and Materials reports now includes additional fields such as 'External ID' (material part numbers)
  • Reports > Pieces and Materials report will export to flat file format from export icon on report
  • Cut Lists: Text correction where on cut list, the text 'Lumber Base Fastener' was incorrectly reported as 'Ply Base Fastener'
  • Correct file version now shown in Preferences > License tab
  • 100+ Bug Fixes

FileMaker Pro 16: (June 2017)

  • Assisted Install for MAC
  • Offers long awaited code for special feature development in Crate Pro
  • Users can create their own custom apps

FileMaker Server 16: (June 2017)

Release Crate Pro 6.4138  (final release on FileMaker Pro 15)

  • New feature to find Projects by Salesperson: Use Projects > Find
  • 20+ new skid styles added: Preferences > Styles: Users can click in any empty description field, hit delete and the default description will be applied
  • Projects can be duplicated
  • Duplicating a design allows user to chose to retain existing settings or refresh prices, weights and times
  • Duplicating a design maintains custom settings a user has made to the design and does not reset to customers default settings
  • When adding notes to Design > Packing > Other: Notes are retained
  • Pallet notes are now retained
  • Pallet style numbers now reflect the correct style number on all pallet reports
  • Caseline calculates for all panels and is displayed with correct amounts in Details > Materials
  • Inventory added to Packing > Other correctly calculates markups set for that material
  • Correction to styles with headers: header width value was being accounted for twice, incorrectly calculating the required lumber
  • Fixed batch printing of designs reports in Projects
  • Fixed calculation for Wrapping when applied in Packing > Other. Results are now less than the cost of a space shuttle.
  • Fixed application of Imperial values on Designs when doing a bulk refresh on server in metric configuration
  • Fixed Hot indicator that was set by HazMat on duplicated and some new Designs
  • Fixed Waste value on Template and duplicated Designs
  • Images deleted from duplicated designs no longer delete that image from other designs
  • Custom designs retain notes on material list when custom design is duplicated
  • LLO styles no longer display '0' quantities

Release Crate Pro 6.4136: (March 2017)

  • New simplified update with data migration process implemented
  • Allows for manual entry and changes to Design > Padding fields
  • LLx Styles: Base Lumber Two field now modifiable and accepts changes in formulas
  • Date & Time Stamp on Custom Crate Will Appear in Designer Notes Field

  • Revamped installation process to simplify installation and migration process

  • Pieces Report updates to reflect correct quantity of materials when quantity of crates is increased in a locked design

  • Removed text for design and Project status's on Home screen that do not apply

  • In Projects able to FIND by project number

  • In any FIND, able to add * before or after entering find criteria

  • Ability to activate and deactivate Inventory items from Inventory > ALL

  • Pre-activated Crate Pro license file. No need to send in activation request.

  • Ability to set a password recovery hint

  • Ability to move host without authorized client associated

  • New Style templates: added 21 skid designs plus 88 style templates*

  • Simplified update with data migration process.which enables more frequent updates

  • Simplified installation process

  • Bulk refresh of designs to update changes made in prices, weights and time: Filter enabled

  • Addition of new Resources file to maintain attachments in a single location

  • In Inventory: material markup % moved to the top section for easy identification of markups in the design

Release Crate Pro 6.4132: (January 2017)

  • Implements the new Activation Key process for activating Crate Pro 6. 
  • Changes and simplifies the update/migration process. 
  • Allows users to open Crate Pro files in FileMaker 15. 
  • Increases file security. 
  • Users can now migrate to new license system. 
  • Opens up security management for client-server users.
  • Change of some inventory item names to clarify quantities
  • BF totals as displayed on Design > Details tab corrected for some styles. Accurate costs/times not affected.

FileMaker Pro 15 (Jan 2017)

FileMaker Pro 15 will now "self update".  This means the product itself automatically downloads and runs the currently available updater by the click of a button.


FileMaker Server 15 new features: Changes to the Admin Console user interface (Nov 2016)

  • The Status pane displays IPv6 addresses in addition to IPv4 addresses 
  • The Status pane displays a security warning message if the current SSL certificate has expired.
  • The Database Server > Security tab allows you to create a CSR without having to use CLI commands. See Database Server security settings.
  • The Database Server > Security tab allows you to view information about the current SSL certificate being used on your server. See Database Server security settings.
  • The Database Server > Security tab allows you to require that hosted databases are password-protected. See Database Server security settings.
  • The Database Server > Logging tab allows you to log statistics for client connections and for top calls, the client requests that require the most server resources. See Logging and statistics settings.
  • On the Database Server > Server Plug-Ins tab, the Allow Install Plug-In File script step to update Server plug-ins setting is now the Allow Install Plug-In File script step to install, update, and load Server plug-ins setting.
  • User accounts created in Crate Pro now create a user account in FileMaker which can be managed through the Admin Console, thereby using Server security

*Some styles are added in advance of fields required to support them based on user request. 

Release Crate Pro 6.3046 Supplement file: Adds 88 new style templates. Designed for version 6.3045 or newer. 

Release Crate Pro 6.3045: 

  • Board footage calculation fixed for ISPM report in Reports when crate quantities are changed on Project. 
  • Calculation for discount price applied when quantity of crates changed on projects from the quantity in the design. 
  • Project number appears on cut sheets. 
  • Sawyer and Assembly notes appear on cut sheets when printed from Projects. 
  • Foreign currency symbol, if default, appears on Quotes and Invoices when printed from Projects instead of USD symbol. L
  • PO-114 style with Base Out adjusted to width of outside dimension, checked for other x14 styles.

Release Crate Pro 6.3041 Supplement file only: Fixes specific style issues where base lumber and skids directions are reversed. 

Release Crate Pro 6.3032: 

  • Updates on base styles where lumber was applied width versus length on light duty. 
  • Corrects skid and rub strip orientation on reported styles. A
  • dded option to enter your own Project  numbers. Option can be selected in Preferences ->  Misc -> Numbering.  
  • Added new styles. 
  • Completed textured images for crate styles. 
  • Completed adding Placeholder checkboxes on all materials in Inventory.



Release Crate Pro 6.3027: 

  • Addresses some minor issues for unique style calculations and errors when style images do not appear.  
  • Correct 'eprint error' for metric installations.

Release Crate Pro 6.3013:

  •  Fixes page viewing in reports so that Page Up and Page Down shows additional pages when applicable. 
  • Fixes Customer import so that Company field now imports. 
  • Corrects base calculations for LPI-413 and other x13 styles. 
  • Add feature so companies without a postal code can enter their City in the postal code field for activation. 
  • Correct 'No Printer Installed' error for Windows users.

Release Crate Pro 6.3010: Imperial users only.  

  • Fixes license issue when activation key not being accepted. 
  • New extraction instructions for zip files for WIndows users so Windows security accepts install.

Release Crate Pro 6.3009: Supplement file only: Fixes Closure Condition drop down fields. Allows detailed style descriptions to carry forward into new updates. Fixes log-in privilege for Users 

Release Crate Pro 6.3007: Migration & Update Utility released for Imperial installations.  

FileMaker PRO 13 and FileMaker SERVER update 13 v9:(Apr 15)

Impact: A potential SSL issue could allow network communication to be compromised.

Description: An issue with FileMaker's root SSL certificates could allow network communication to be compromised. This issue was addressed by updates to application UI and to FileMaker security certificates.

IMPORTANT: You must apply these updates in the correct order, or your FileMaker Pro clients may not be able to connect to your server

FileMaker link with instructions and Q&A

Release Crate Pro 6.2945: Final Build for Crate Pro 6 users on FileMaker 11 platform. All migrations completed. No additional updates or new versions will be available on this platform. 

Filemaker PRO 13 - release of update V5: (Feb 15)

  • OS X: Addressed an issue where each time FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 or FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 Advanced was opened, a system message asking whether to allow FileMaker Pro to accept incoming network connections appeared.
  • OS X: Addressed an issue where the VoiceOver onscreen-reader software failed to read field contents.
  • OS X: Addressed an issue where selected fields were not visible in the Specify Field dialog box without the user scrolling to them.
  • OS X Lion 10.7: Addressed an issue where FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 or FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 Advanced failed to open.


Release Crate Pro 6.2931: Fixes calculations for some light-duty lumber styles. New field added.

FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Pro 13.0v4, FileMaker Server 13.0v5. These updates address the following: (Nov 14)

  • FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 and FileMaker Pro includes bug fixes and adds support for OS X Yosemite version 10.10.
  • FileMaker Server 13.0v5 includes bug fixes, security updates, updates to third-party components, and adds support for OS X Yosemite version 10.10.
  • FileMaker Go 13.0.6 includes bug fixes and compatibility issues related to iOS 8.1, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (Note: Crate Pro 6 is not optimized for smartphone use and client connections will use a full EAL that will require a fee  as well as sending your database to us to free the EAL from your database. This feature IS on the drawing board)

Filemaker PRO 13 - release of update for OS X

  • OS X: Addressed an issue where each time FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 or FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 Advanced was opened, a system message asking whether to allow FileMaker Pro to accept incoming network connections appeared.
  • OS X: Addressed an issue where the VoiceOver onscreen-reader software failed to read field contents.
  • OS X: Addressed an issue where selected fields were not visible in the Specify Field dialog box without the user scrolling to them.
  • OS X Lion 10.7: Addressed an issue where FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 or FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 Advanced failed to open.

Release Crate Pro 6 r2900: Final release available to migrate beta customers in one step. New fields will be added in future versions // Crate Pro 5 update support ends with this release.

FileMaker Server 13 platform and Yosemite: Addresses compatibility issues with FileMaker Server 13 and Yosemite (Oct14)

  • An issue existed that allowed an unauthorized local account to login to the Admin Console if Administrator Groups was enabled without using an externally authorized group 

FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Server 13: v3 update to patch Heartbleed virus (Sept 14)