Red text on Details tab is an indicator that the shown costs/selling prices, weight and/or times  in that design have not been updated based on changes a user has made in the Inventory and/or Preferences modules.

If the change is caused by a material price change, in the Design, click on Details > Materials and the cost value of the affected material(s) will be in red.

Designs that are not updated WILL reflect the current Selling Price when added to a Project unless an Over-Ride has been added in the design. 

What you can do:

  • Unlock and re-lock the design. This will update all values based on your current Inventory and Preference settings
  • Enter an 'Over-ride price'  - If you want to see the change in values in your costs/selling price but not have the Total Selling Price change either in the design or when added to a Project (such as when you create a design with a fixed price), enter an "over-ride price value' then unlock/lock the design. This will assist in determining your profit level when your costs change on a fixed selling price design

Crate Pro build 39xx includes a new bulk refresh feature which will allow you to perform the cost/selling price, weight and times update on a found set of designs instead of one at a time.