Our example is based on a customer question regarding adding a bolt/washer/nut assembly.

When multiple components are combined, the most common location to add that item into Inventory is as an Assembly item. 

  • As an assembly item there is a single labor time field which you will determine for both prep time and install time
  • Assembly items are added in the Packing> Other tab, you'll see the total labor time added in Times> assembly time
  • The total cost associated is in Prices> container materials
  • When you add an item in the design to the Packing> Other tab,  the description that's listed in the Inventory item will appear on the cut lists. So if the assembly is specifically for headers, it will be very clear on the cut list.

Another option is to add the component in the Inventory >Fastener tab. 

  • As a Fastener item there is a field for Prep time and a field for Install time.
  • You can add the item in either the Design> Fastener tab or in the Packing >Other tab. 
  • There isn't a field in the Design> Fastener tab for header fasteners so you'll have to add the value to another fastener field or to one that's not being used.
    • Where this option can make sense is if you provide crates to your customers in KD (knock down condition). When CP6 sees the closure condition as KD then the prep-time is accounted for but the install time is not added.