You are able to purchase more computer licenses (CAL/EAL),   than concurrent connections(DAL) . 

  • In the peer-to-peer configuration the Host computer uses a DAL to start or Host the Crate Pro  files. Crate Pro 6 must be opened on the Host initially and one user logged into the database to start the hosting so other users can connect. The Host computer is using one DAL or concurrent connection.

  • In the Client-Server configuration (uses FileMaker Server), the server does not use a DAL.

Peer-to-Peer (You are not using FileMaker Server software)

For releases 4001 to 4199 and 171201  and later: On the Host computer select to Log-Out / Keys icon, at the top of the screen (do not click on the  X as it'll close the entire program). 

The screen shown below will appear. Do not 'Close Crate Pro' or 'Quit FileMaker' while you're hosting the program for your other client computers. This allows the files to continue to be hosted but releases the DAL (concurrent connection) for use by another CAL computer. 

If you find that releasing the DAL on the Host becomes inefficient, request an estimate for more DAL so you have sufficient number of concurrent connections as your needs require,

For releases 6.2xxx to 6.3xxx: On the Host computer > in Crate Pro 6 go to Preferences > At the top of the window is an option to "make this computer function as a server'. Select it.

To take back the DAL on the Host:

Builds 17xxx and 6.4xxx  and later:  A client need to be logged out of the database if there isn't a DAL available. If all DAL are in use, when you attempt to login on the Host you'll have a opportunity to send a message to the clients to " log out" Select to LOGIN again once the clients have disconnected

Builds prior to 6.4  - Select to quit Crate Pro and restart the program on the host