Crate Pro 6 is a program written using  Claris-FileMaker database software. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world’s largest organizations, use the FileMaker Platform to streamline their business processes, manage essential information, and boost overall productivity.  Claris-FileMaker Inc is owned by Apple, Inc. and will operate on both the macOS and Windows platforms in any combination.

The Crate Pro databases run inside the FileMaker software. This is similar to using a spreadsheet file in Excel©. You can add formulas to an Excel spreadsheet then enter data and the formulas will calculate results. In this regard, your Crate Pro database is similar to a very complex spreadsheet. 

Your license purchase includes a full version of FileMaker software for each client and is managed separately from the Crate Pro software. To keep pricing as low as possible, the Crate Pro and FileMaker are a "bundled" solution and one can not be purchased without the other.

Crate Pro 6 and FileMaker is installed on your own hardware. It is not cloud based. Customers purchasing the server configuration may independently chose to install on online services such as AWS that support FileMaker Server.

Licenses are purchased!!! Monthly payment options are available through many leasing program. For USA customers, a well like company is E-Lease (contact info available upon request). 

 Unlimited online support is part of your purchase for your first year for all staff. After your first year, an extremely low-cost maintenance plan is offered and is optional. It is not required to continue to use Crate Pro 6 but the ongoing support and training makes it well worth it and your software can quickly become incompatible with new operating system and hardware updates. Support is not available for end-of-life versions.

1> Configurations Options: (Please review section 3 for clarity on the two part client license)

Stand-Alone: single computer installation. Crate Pro 6 is installed on a single computer. All users will log in on that computer and can be set up with unique user accounts. This installation can not be accessed remotely.


Peer-to-Peer: If you're planning to access Crate Pro from five or fewer computers, FileMaker Pro client is installed on each computer that will access Crate Pro 6. One of the client computers will also host the Crate Pro 6 database files. The other clients will connect to the host using FileMaker Pro client via your LAN, WAN or VPN .

Stand-Alone and Peer-to-Peer will not run on an online hosting service, on a computer running a server operating system or from a shared or removable drive. 

Backups are manual when running these configurations. Do NOT use a 3rd party backup or imaging software on your live database files.


Client-Server:  If you have 6 or more computers, are running virtual server, Citrix or RDS, or want to install on an online hosting service such as AWS,  FileMaker Server is required. With 5 computers, FileMaker Server is optional. 

An installation using FileMaker Server is highly recommended for speed, security, remote management for IT, automated backups and auto-restart after reboot. FileMaker Server will pause your live database files and create backups to the location of your choosing, which can then be backed up or imaged by your 3rd party software.

As of FileMaker Server 18 to current: Companies may install a 2nd copy of the server software as a failsafe should the primary server require maintenance or fail. However, only one server may actively be hosting files at a time.

FileMaker Server can be installed using a hosting services such as AWS, FMP Host, or other cloud hosting services that support FileMaker Server hosting,  However, a "cloud" service which combines FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro client software on a single server, will not function as the server and client software use the same services and can not share them.  (AWS Hosting Information)

Services such as Dropbox or using a SHARE to connect, is not supported and will damage your database files.

We will assist with a standard installation. We do not offer network, server or security setting changes that may be required within your network or router.  Experienced IT personnel should be part of the installation process. 

Please consult the installation guides provided on the FileMaker website prior to purchasing your software or provide this information to your IT person(s) to ensure a successful installation.   (Current Release Documentation Links)

Note: Both peer-to-peer and client-server configurations support LAN, VPN and internet connectivity to your Crate Pro files stored on your Host or Server computer.  When connecting to your Crate Pro database from an external location, a static IP is preferred on your network

2> System Technical Requirements: (we strive to ensure you're able to use the most current FileMaker version. However there may be changes made in a version that require changes to Crate Pro to maintain compatibility. When a full version update occurs, we will send out notices when the update is available)

FileMaker 19 is the current release. Mid-2024 we will update to the next release of FIleMaker.

FileMaker 19 System Requirements   Refer to FileMaker PRO for clients and FileMaker Server for server. Note: newer operating system may not be listed because they have not been tested, however we also test and if there is a question, please contact

Ensure to check FileMaker technical specs on Claris-FileMaker website before updating operating systems.

FileMaker Server system specs are updated often. Please check Claris-FileMaker's site for the most updated information:

Installing on RDS or Citrix Xen App:  

  • FileMaker Pro is installed on the virtual RDS or Citrix server, and FileMaker Server on the file server.    The required number of client (CAL) licenses purchased is based on the number of unique end user computers that will connect to Crate Pro through the virtual server. The number of FileMaker Pro installations on virtual servers may not be greater than the number of CAL purchased. (per terms of EULA)

Other information for older versions below

Upcoming release of FileMaker 20 (FileMaker 2023) with stricter technical requirements for both server installations and client only installations. We will be testing this release prior to sending out the updates to customers. However, please check that your operating systems and hardware meet the technical requirements. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS

FileMaker Server 2023 can be installed on:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server with AMD64 and ARM64 processor
  • Windows Server 2019 or 2022
  • macOS Monterey 12 or higher

HostSupported clients
FileMaker Server 20.x
  • FileMaker Pro 20.x, 19.6, 19.5, 19.4.2
  • FileMaker Go 20.x, 19.6, 19.5, 19.4.2
  • Apps created using iOS App SDK 20.x, 19.6, 19.5, 19.4.2
  • FileMaker WebDirect

3> Understanding Crate Pro License Configurations:  

This short video will go through the options.

The CLIENT license is a 2-part license. A minimum of one each is required for all installations. A client license is based on a computer and not a user.

Part 1: A CAL, or computer access license, is installed on each computer. The unique device, not the user, consumes a CAL license.

  • Each CAL includes a FileMaker Pro installation.
  • A CAL is not installed on a computer with FileMaker Server

Part 2: The  DAL, or database access license, manages the concurrent connections into the database

  • You may need fewer DAL than CAL:  such as in the case of shift workers sharing a computer, or if a staff member has a desktop and a laptop which only one at a time is used to access Crate Pro 6. 
  • A minimum one DAL required. Do not underestimate this number as it can cost you more in wasted time to have to 'take turns' accessing Crate Pro than the one-time cost of the license itself. 
    • When a DAL is purchased, the license is hard coded into the specific database it's applied to. Should you open a new location with its own Crate Pro database, we are unable to transfer DAL between databases. 


 FileMaker Server runs using your computers services - 

  • It manages speed and access. 
  • Has auto-restart after reboot. 
  • Ability to set multiple backup routines and save files to a location of choice. 
  • Allows for remote access of the FileMaker Admin Console via any web browser without the need for FileMaker Pro to be installed.  
  • Higher security for connections.  
  • Effective with FileMaker Server 19 - customers may install a full installation of FM Server 19 on a 2nd server as a fail-over should the primary server need servicing or fail. (Only one may be active concurrently)
  • Recommended for 5+ CAL and is required for 6+ CAL connections, Citrix, RDS or terminal services.

!!! All plans are paid in full however, any plan over $2999USD is eligible for monthly payments through eLease Funding (USA only at this time) <Click Here>



FileMaker SERVER System Requirements

FileMaker PRO client System Requirements (All Versions)

Crate Pro 6 releases and FileMaker Version Compatibility  Check which releases of Crate Pro 6 work with which versions of FileMaker

FileMaker Server 18    Existing customers using FileMaker Pro 16 client, will need to continue to use Fm Server 18 until you can migrate your data to FileMaker Pro 19 client. Fm Pro 16 client is not compatible with FM Server 19


We do not support FileMaker GO and at this time, FileMaker Cloud 2.0 is not compatible with our licenses. You may opt for an online hosting company such as AWS, for FileMaker Server hosting and install the client software on the local clients.**

July 2020 -  Microsoft Win 10 S Mode . This operating system only allows you to download and install Microsoft Store applications. You will not be able to install Crate Pro