Adding padding can be auto-calculated based on the inside dimensions of your crate or by the outside dimensions of your content. You can see these values from multiple places in the design.  Your crate dimensions will be affected differently depending on which option you chose for calculating the crate as well as calculating the padding.

When you select to 'auto-calculate' for Padding, you have the option to chose 'Full Cavity' or 'By Content Size'. Which you select WILL greatly affect your crate dimensions if you're calculating by Content Dimensions'.

Inside dimensions: When using ID, Crate Pro assumes that you have taken into account the size of the content and the thickness of any interior packing. Your inside and outside dimensions will not change as you add internal components, packing or padding. 

Content dimensions:  When using CD, Crate Pro takes the content dimensions as you enter it and adds the 'Clear Area' value to each side of the content. Your 'Clear Area' value is set in Preferences > Settings. Example: if your 'Clear Area' value is 2" - Crate Pro will add 4" to the Length, 4" to the Width and 2" to the Height to calculate your initial Inside Dimensions. As you add materials that change your calculated ID, you will have to 'Run Rules' to allow CP6 to recalculate the correct crate dimensions.


By selecting Full Cavity: Crate Pro looks at the inside dimensions of the crate and calculates assuming an overlap of the panels. Similar to framing cleats on a panel, there are dominant cleats running full length of the panel and a non-dominant that fit between the dominant cleats  (see image below)

By selecting By Content size:  Crate Pro takes  the content size plus the clear area PLUS the length of the pad and the width of the 2 adjacent pads. For the height dimension it combines the height of the side/end pads plus the thickness of the top and base pads. (see image below).  This can greatly increase the inside dimensions of your crate when using Content Dimensions to calculate the crate size. 


Clear Area: This setting is located in Preferences > Settings. Clear area is used for determining Padding, Wrapping and Floater Decks.

  • When calculating by Inside Dimensions ID -Crate Pro will assume your content size by taking the Inside Dimensions and subtracting the Clear Area value. You can manually change the content dimension in any of the Design> Packing content dimension fields to correctly calculate wrapping, floater decks and padding if you select to add these items By Content Size
  • When calculating by Content Dimensions - Crate Pro will add the clear area value to the content dimension to determine the Inside Dimension of your crate.

RUN RULES: When calculating by Content Dimensions its important to note that adding materials that have a thickness will increase the inside dimension requirement of your crate. Don't forget to click on RUN RULES in the Design> Container > Rules tab to allow Crate Pro to recalculate the required size of the crate with your added materials.  This is not automatic as CP6 waits until you have completed adding your internal items.