Wide, innovative range of fasteners and tools for the manufacture of pallets and crates.

  • High speed
  • High holding power
  • Temporary fastenings with SCRAIL®

SCRAIL® collated fasteners are incredibly versatile and an excellent choice for building crates of all sizes, shapes and wood types. These crate fasteners offer the advantage of nails driven with a pneumatic nailer, but with the increased holding power of screws in one innovative fastener.

  • SCRAIL® can be used with a pneumatic nailer at a rate twice as fast as typical collated screws, and eight times faster than bulk screws.
  • SCRAIL® provide dramatically increased holding power over nails.
  • Regular or Jumbo SCRAIL® fasteners are perfect for large or super-size crates.
  • Mini-SCRAIL® fasteners are an ideal choice for smaller crates.

These collated crate fasteners are available in plastic sheet coil and plastic strip collations, as well as wire coils. They are also available in fine, coarse and double thread types; in square, star, pozidrive, Philips and versadrive head types; and electrogalvanized finish.

Scrail Fasteners for Pallets & Crates with Beck