Based on the closure condition you'll get a either all Assembly fasteners or a combination of Assembly and Closure fasteners. Setting the closure condition can be done:

  • When you initially create the design
  • In the Container > Overview tab
  • Times tab
  • Container > Fastener tab

Assembly fasteners: Used to assemble the top, end and side panels together. Assembly fasteners only are calculated when  SU (SetUp) is the closure condition

Closure fasteners: Used for panel(s) indicated by the closure condition. Example: If you select TO (top off), then Assembly fasteners will be calculated for the ends and sides and Closure fasteners calculated to attach the top. In the case of KD (knock down), then Closure fasteners only will be calculated

Labor time calculation:

An easy way to think about the time breakdown is assembly time is based on actions done by the Assembly department in assembling the panels together.. Closure time is  based on actions done by the Packing department because for panels not assembled by the Assembly department, the crate goes to the Packing department, who packs the crate then closes the panel(s) based on the selected closure condition. 

  • Some fasteners have a prep time and an install time, such as lag bolts. Both prep and install time are added to assembly time when they are applied as an Assembly fastener

  • If  a fastener with prep time and install time is in the closure fastener field, then the prep time will be added to the assembly time and the install time will be added to the packing time.  The assumption is that the assembly department will pre-drill the hole but the packing department will be packing the crate and closing it.

  • For a KD (knock down crate) all fastener time is assumed to be with the packing department so the time to assemble the panels is moved to the packing time. 

  •  Even with a KD crate, there will still be assembly time due to the cleat fastener: The attachment of the cleating material to the panel.

My Customer will close the crate:

  • If you're not providing any of the closure fasteners, click on the red X at the end of the line of material you want to remove. Most commonly in the industry, while you may not close the crate, the fasteners get sent with the panels to the customer.

  • If you will not be assembling some or all of the  panels you can check the 'Customer will close crate'  on the Times tab or on the Container > Fastener tab and the install time that is associated with those fasteners will not be calculated that are listed in the Closure fastener field. Prep time will still apply if that fastener has a prep time associated.