When a design is created and locked, the price, weight and times values do not change until you unlock and relock the design. This is called refreshing the design. However, when there are a large number of designs or you want to update specific designs, going from design to design can be time consuming. 

When a design is added to a Project, the price, weight and time information shown in the Project will be automatically updated based on your current values in the Inventory module. The design information as it appears in the Design module will not be changed.  This gives you full control of updating values as needed. 

To update these values in multiple designs at once,  customers on versions 6.4136 and later may use the Bulk Refresh option. Filter options allow you to select the designs you want to update.

Bulk Refresh: 

  • In the Design module: Select SHOW ALL at the bottom of the window to ensure that you are not filtering any designs
  • Hover over the 'Lock' icon in any design:  select ALT + CLICK to bring up the Bulk Refresh window
  • The bulk refresh provides many option to be selective as to what designs you want to update.