Customers with maintenance can request the CAD file of the style template they are creating.  CAD images can then be manipulated, rotated, modified by adding additional materials and dimensions.

The images provided are high quality and fully textured on all sides allowing you to rotate / flip and move each individual component and view from any angle. You may choose to add piece dimensions and other information which can then be printed and/or saved with the specific design in Crate Pro 6. CAD files can be saved as PNG picture files or PDF's.

Companies without SketchUP may download a desktop version here or use the browser version. There is a storage limitation with the browser versions so if you use SketchUP heavily you will need to occasionally download your files and clear the online storage. We offer a copy of SketchUp 8 for desktop which is the one that we are licensed to offer which allows you to save your SKP files in your selected location. 

On the SketchUP website users can opt to purchase a PRO version for additional features and for additional export options such as formats for use in Auto CAD.

Link to SketchUP8 Desktop Version (Windows Only) 

 Link to SketchUP MAC and Windows browser version (MAKE SURE YOU BOOKMARK THE ONLINE URL)


Important: SketchUP training and support is not provided through Crate Pro support. The SketchUP website offers a full array of training videos and articles and for more intensive or one on one training we are happy to refer you to Superior Crate Design. Superior Crate Design is a custom crating consultant as well as a beta tester for Crate Pro releases. They have been a user of Crate Pro for over 20 years. Superior Crate Design offers intensive SketchUP training  sessions to provide your staff with a comfort level with creating and using CAD images as it applies to custom crating.

Due to the size of the files, there is a maximum of 3 style templates per download with a maximum of one download link per day.  You will be sent the Style Template with individual files for each base configuration. 

Marcel Gauthier

Mobile number 647 234 3355

Here are a few basic SketchUP videos using the Crate Pro 6 CAD files. While there are hundreds of easy to follow videos on SketchUP website and on YouTube, these show you how to do the most commonly requested features for Crate Pro CAD images.  CLICK HERE to go to SketchUP Basics