Crate Pro 6 contains a bug where certain tracking unit of measure options do not calculate correctly

To be able to use cubic meters as a unit of measurement for your Tracking Level (purchasing level):

  • Changing a Tracking Level can only be done with a material that has not already been used in a design or a Project
  • Do not change the Level A or Level B line items
  • Check the Level C Tracking Level check mark on the right side of the line
  • Enter M3 or your preferred designation in the 'Unit of Measure' field
  • Enter the actual metric cubic volume of one sheet of plywood in the 'Sheets Per UM' field

For example, a 9 mm sheet of 1220 x 2440 is 0.0267912 m3  

Once corrected, any Design records will calculate correctly when  re-locked.

In the Design > Details tab the usage will reflect in M2 and M3. 

Note: Based on the actual M2 used plus the Waste Factor set = M3   However its important to note that based on how you saw your wood, utilize scrap and other variables, your shop may use more than indicated. The total here generally will average over many orders to give you an accurate usage.