Changing Users

  1. User accounts for the Crate Pro program are managed in the User module within Crate Pro.
  2. Log into Crate Pro and click on the User module
  3. Click on the magnifying glass to the left of the user you want to delete or change (their information appears in the top section of the screen)
  4. Click DELETE to remove that user
  5. Click on NEW located at the upper left of the window to add a new user. Crate Pro will give you a temporary password that the user will need to have to login the first time.
  6. A new user must be given one or more ROLES which is the Home screen they see when they log in each time
  7. Set what permissions you want that user to access. They must have VIEW as a minimum to see anything in the Projects or Designs module

*  Selecting only the Salesperson role gives this person a generic Home screen. There will not be any status tabs available. Typically other Roles are selected with this Role. By selecting Salesperson it allows this user to be added onto a Project in the Salesperson field.

The Foreman role is a combination of the home screens of the sawyer, assembler, packer, inspector and driver so they do not need to be checked as well.