Crate Pro includes templates so generating work orders, quotes or invoices fast and easy. These forms can be printed on paper or printed as a PDF for attachment to your email from either the Design or Projects module. 

There are two types of QUOTE forms. The "friendly" quote in the Design module is more of a letter with the design information added based on what you set up in Preferences > Forms. Crate Pro 6 does NOT track when quotes are sent from the Design module. Is is a fast quote option which also allows you to include a generic image of the style template you're using.

The Projects module provides a quote form that is more inline with what you would send from your accounting system. Crate Pro 6 is not an accounting system! The ability to print quotes and invoices from within Crate Pro 6 was a feature requested by over 80% of our customers which allow them to quickly provide quotes to prospective customers. Once an order is received users can transfer the information into your company accounting program.

The information that is shown on your forms is initially set up in Preferences module & in the Customer module. 

Crate Pro 6 also allows you to modify quote and invoice forms based on the individual Customer! In the Customer module you can set the information that appears on that customers quote forms when created in the Project module.

What are the forms?

Project Line Items: These are Project Documents. Set what information you want to appear on the screen and the printed  Project Document. 

  • Work Orders: In Projects you're able to print a work order which doesn't include any pricing or costs. It includes the list of items on the Project.
  • Quotes: Similar to an accounting system quote
  • Invoices: Similar to an accounting system invoice. Crate Pro is not an accounting system. These documents are available to assist and expedite your crating process.

Design Quote Document: The Design Quote is a friendly letter format that contains quote information for the design.  You also have the option to include an image of the crate style template on the quote.  You can decide which image type, none, wireframe or textured, to include by toggling through the options in the Design module next to the Customer Quote option

Change of Feature:

Emails directly from Crate Pro is a feature that may be removed. Crate Pro would open your installed email program and enter the text that's entered in Crate Pro into your email client and attach the quote or invoice as a PDF attachment.  With the increasing amount of  spam and malware being sent via email programs, many email providers block this ability. ALL documents in Crate Pro 6 can be printed as a PDF and attached into your email normally. 

Design Quote Email: When the Email Customer Quote is selected in the Design it opens an email client and fills in the text from this form. The Design Quote Document is also attached. 

Project Quote Email: When the Email Quotation is selected in the Project it opens an email client and fills in the text from this form. The Project Quote Document is also attached

Project Invoice Email: When the Email Invoice is selected in the Project it opens an email client and fills in the text from this form. The Project Invoice Document is also attached.

Setting your Logo and Messages:

Logos: Your company logo will appear on the upper right corner of your project and design quote and invoice documents. The logo is not shown in the email cover but remember, all emails include an attached quote or invoice document. 

Click in the box to select an image file. It should be a maximum of 252 wide x 114 height pixels or 3.5" wide x 1.5" high

You can also add either a  footer logo at the bottom of your document or a text message. Often an address is added here. 

Messages: Your printed Project Documents can also include a message for your customer. This could be a simple message thanking the customer for their business.

Creating your Form Templates.

We recommend printing out each form so you can see the default information and decide what to change. For the email forms, send one to yourself before using for customer communication. You can add yourself as a Customer to set this up and delete yourself when complete. Printing to pdf will save ink*

  • Select the form you want to modify
  • To change the text you click in the window containing the text you want to change and delete, change or add information you prefer.
  • Long documents will show a scroll bar in the window once you click into it
  • Add  <P> to create a line break where needed.  When a logo image is added several line breaks will be needed to ensure your text starts where you want it in reference to your logo. The Design Quote Document has an average number of line breaks added based on the common size of most logos.
  • Information shown between the brackets < text > is automatically pulled from the design or project which personalizes the form and also ensures users don't need to enter this information manually.
  • Your company information comes from the Preferences > Company tab. The <My Company> must be included on all document and email forms though you can move it and even change all the text before and after it.
  • Don't forget to add your signature line!

Adding more automatic fields 

You can decide what automatic information is included on your forms.

  • In the form click in the Select Field box and chose what information you want to add to the form
  • Click in the form and put your mouse cursor where you want this information to appear
  • Click on Insert Select Field

Note: Only the information will be be pulled from the design or project. You may need to enter additional text to explain the information. An example is if you add <Total Price> only the price will be added. So you might want to type in "Total Price" before <Total Price>  to explain that entry

* If your system doesn't have a pdf printer there are many free pdf printers you can download online.