There are a few steps to set up your ISPM so your eradticated lumber can be tracked and a report printed.

1> Preferences > Settings:  Select at what point in the crating process you consider your materials consumed for the purpose of the ISPM15 report.The lumber material in a design must reach this step in the process to be counted in your ISPM totals.

2> Inventory > Lumber > ISPM15: Enter your PO, invoice number or other identifier your company uses to track that material. You have the ability to enter up to three individual identifiers for each material. The order that you enter them doesn't matter. Staff with permission to access the Inventory module can enter new identifiers or change the currently active indentifier. Most commonly your foreman and/or sawyers will identify from their Home screen Dashboard which is the current active identifier.

3> Home > Foreman or Sawyer Dashboard: On the dashboard for the foreman and sawyers, they can click on the current active identifier that they're pulling the lumber from. When all the material has been consumed from that order they click on the next identifier that they will pull the material from. This information is reflected in the Inventory module for your purchasing agent but you may wish to continue to follow your current procedure for ensuring that your purchasing agent knows when all the materials on a PO/Identifier have been used.

4> Home > design status tabs: Based on the status you selected in Preferences, when your design reaches or passes that status, the lumber on that design will now be counted as consumed for ISPM15.  Your floor staff can move designs through the process, and/or in Projects you can change the design status or the entire Project status.  It's not required to move a design through each status. An example is that you quote the Project and then move the entire Project directly to Final: This tells Crate Pro that the designs have moved from the first status through each status in between and based on your Preference setting, will count the material as consumed.

5> Reports > ISPM: Set the date range for your report. Select either ISPM report. The information will be based on the materials that have reached or passed the status (highlighted) during the time period selected. 

6> Printed ISPM report: Your printed report will have total usage for each material plus the identifier the material was select from. You additionally have the ability to export the report which contains a great deal more information than what's shown on the printed report.