There is a conflict with a vendor printer plug-in and your operating system printer plug-ins.  This tends to occur with Windows O/S with updated after 2018.  

The solution is to be on the most current Crate Pro 6 release and FileMaker product. If you're on maintenance, please provide your FileMaker version and update revision ( Open FileMaker  > Help > About) , and your Crate Pro 6 release number (Crate Pro 6 > Preferences > Licensing > Overview)

If you're not on a maintenance plan you can follow the work-around for this issue: 

  • Open FileMaker Pro -- not Crate Pro
  • Click on EDIT > Preferences > Plug Ins
  • Select to Reveal plug-in folder and delete BASE ELEMENTS

This should allow you to open Crate Pro normally.

If you still get the error, also delete the EMPOWER plug ins. 

These printer plug-ins are conflicting with your operating system plug-ins. You will get a message when the first user opens Crate Pro that the plug-ins should be installed, ignore this message. You do not need the plug ins to print as your O/S printer plug-in is taking over this function.