Peer-to-peer and stand-alone configurations use FiIeMaker Pro to host your Crate Pro files on one computer.

FiIeMaker Pro is a user program, so many of the features and benefits that are standard with FileMaker Server, such as automated backups, setting default backup locations, and auto restart after reboot, are not available. As of Crate Pro 6 r4136, Crate Pro 6 offers user 'reminders' to backup your main data file based on the users privileges and time the program is shut down on the Host

If your configuration is client-server using FileMaker Server you will use the following articles instead:

FileMaker Server 18  and newer

FileMaker Server 15-17 Backups (legacy) 


NO utility software should be used to create a backup of your production or live files located in the CRATE PRO WORKING folder.  It is not safe practice to rely on 3rd party software to backup the databases while they are live and in use. This can be severely detrimental to the stability of database files and may cause corruption or other irreversible damage.  Your live files are in a folder named CRATE PRO WORKING.  

As part of your initial installation, we recommend creating a second folder called CRATE PRO BACKUP. A copy of your original installation files and license files as well as any backups should be saved into this folder. This folder is typically created on the same computer as your CRATE PRO WORKING folder, however, you can create this folder on any drive.  Using your backup software or by making a copy of the Crate Pro Backup folder, copy this backup folder to a external location as determined by your regular backup policies.

Create a Crate Pro Backup folder if not already done: 

  • Create a folder in the location you want to save your backup files. Clearly label that folder Crate Pro Backup to ensure you do not mix up files in your Working files with your Backup files. 
  • Initially this folder can be created on the same drive as your CRATE PRO WORKING folder but based on your company policy, you should make a copy of the contents of this folder on a regular basis and save to an external drive or separate computer in case of total failure. 
  • Your backup policy of the Working files should be based on how much data you can afford to lose should the working files fail or become corrupted.

Set Your Backup Preferences within Crate Pro 6 :

  • In Crate Pro  Preferences > Backups > About keeping your databases safe   - make note of the location of your working database files

  • Select the tab for the configuration you have:
    • Stand-Alone - this is an installation on a single computer. Select a time after which the user is reminded to create a backup when Crate Pro 6 is closed. The pop up window will allow the user to manually chose the location to save the file to as well as rename the backup.
    • Peer-to-Peer -Allows you to select which user groups are reminded to create a backup when that user closes Crate Pro 6 on the Host computer. Reminders will not appear when the user closed Crate Pro 6 on a client.
      • There are four User groups that have the privilege set to create a backup:  Administrator, Manager, Bookkeeper, Designer. These are determined by the 'Role(s)' that is selected for that user in the User module. The last person who closes Crate Pro on the host must be in one of these privilege sets.  Example: If your Foreman is typically the last person to close Crate Pro, he will not get the option to create a backup unless you also check one of the Roles above as well as the Foreman role.
      • Setting the time after which you want the reminder to appear to the user. Example: If you typically end your day at 3PM, you might set the backup reminder to appear when the program is closed after 2PM so that if it gets closed earlier in the day, such as for lunch, the user is not getting pop up reminders and you create too many backups.

Creating a backup:

Based on the settings in Preferences > Backup for your configuration:

  • When the last designated user(s) logs out on the host computer , they'll receive a pop-up window to save their data file. This does not create a backup of the secondary files: Crate Pro Resources or Crate Pro Data Shared  An original copy of these files should be stored in your Crate Pro Backup folder
  • The Crate Pro Data Shared file will only contain pictures and attachments a user saves in a Design or Project. Otherwise this file remains empty and a single copy need to be retained.
  • The 'Save In' location may need to be changed to your Backup folder. or other preferred location.
  • The word 'copy' may be added to the file name depending on your system settings but you may rename the file as desired. We suggest adding the current date of the backup.
  • Crate Pro 6 will make a copy of the main file and close FileMaker for you. Once the backup has started, do not interrupt it or you may damage your working and backup file.


  • If using 3rd party backup software, after using Crate Pro 6 to make a backup copy of the data file, you can set your 3rd party backup software to backup the Backup files files to another location or save a copy on an external drive in case of total failure
  • Ensure that you DO copy the  Crate Pro Backup folder to a separate computer or drive in case of total failure.
  • Using a cloud drive such as Dropbox is acceptable for the Backup files but never the live/working files.

To Be Aware Of:

To save space, Crate Pro's backup will only backup your data file and not the companion files. 

  • The Resources or Supplement file is a non changing file and contains the style template information that Crate Pro uses. You do not need to create multiple copies. You should only need one saved copy of this file 
  • Data Shared. This file contains pictures and attachments users save in the Design module and Projects module. Because this file can get very large depending on the size of the image files, it doesn't get included in the regular backup. You should occasionally make a backup of this file when Crate Pro 6 is closed, and save it in your Backup folder. If you don't save attachments or image files in Crate Pro, you do not need to create a backup of this file.