The standard pallet is the most common pallet size that is used. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) sets the size to 48″ x 40″. The thickness of the wood standard is 5/8″. More than 30% of all U.S. wooden pallets are standard-sized GMA pallets. 

The weight that the pallets hold is measured in pounds. The standard pallet can hold 4,600 lbs. Pallets come in different weights and sizes. Therefore, these different pallets also hold different amounts. The 36 x 36 pallet can hold 4,700 lbs. In addition, the 42 x 42 pallet and the 48 x 48 pallet can hold 3,700 lbs. Below is table that shows how much pallets can hold.

Note the pallet weight capacity also depends on how the pallet is stored. Pallets that stand on a cement floor can support more weight than pallets that are stacked two and four pallets high. That bottom pallet needs to be strong enough to support its load, and the load on the pallets placed on top. Pallets stored side-by-side on a pallet rack may also have different weight loads. Because wood pallets are easily modified, any size pallet can be designed to higher weight loads by adding additional stringers or blocks  to the construction.

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