Your total markup / discount percent will be calculated differently depending on where you enter this value. Being aware of how its calculated in Crate Pro will allow you to decide what method(s) you prefer to use.

Costs: In Inventory you enter the price you pay for the materials in the 'Cost per ...' field. As you purchase additional materials you may need to change your cost values to ensure Crate Pro is accurate on calculating your costs. When you purchase a lot of different materials at one time, you can quickly change a lot of material costs by filtering* to your active items and entering your new costs in a list. Changes to your costs in Inventory will not automatically change a locked design. To update your costs on designs that were created previously you will refresh the design by Unlock / Locking the design.**

Cost Determination per design: Your costs are calculated in the Design module by taking the 'Actual' amount required for that Design plus the 'Waste Factor'  multiplied by your costs as entered in Inventory. Materials added in Design > Packing > Other do not add the Waste % as the assumption is that you are adding only the amount required. These values are shown in Design > Details > Materials tab


Markup in Preferences > Prices:

  • You will set your companies material markups  in Preferences > Prices tab.  Crate Pro multiplies the materials costs by that mark-up % unless you over-ride those values in the Inventory module. 
    • In the Inventory module you can enter a different markup % for each individual material. When that material is used, the new markup % is applied to that material and not the markup in Preferences > Pricing
      • When you see the markup value in Designs > Pricing it will be an average of the markup as shown in Preferences > Pricinand Inventory  when the markup has been overridden. 

Markup or Discount in Customers > Details:

  •  In the customer module you can enter an ADDITIONAL markup or discount which is added to or discounted from the values in Preferences > Prices
    • If there is a markup or discount value in the Customer > Overview tab AND you select that company in the Design module, Crate Pro will first take the costs in that design and apply the markup or discount from the Customer module then apply the markup from Preferences > Pricing
    • Example: If your Preferences > Prices markup is 100% then Crate Pro will multiple the design material costs by 100% which now becomes your Selling Price. In effect you are doubling the cost of your materials as your profit.
      • If you assign the design to a customer that has a -10% discount on materials, as shown in the Customer module. Crate Pro will take the costs and discount the 10% then multiply the new value by the markup a shown in Preferences > Pricing.