We will be adding manuals in this format to assist with the configuration and use of Crate Pro 6 for the releases indicated above. Click on the image to view and/or download the PDF file. These manuals will be updated based on feedback. Check back often for new manuals!

Allow the documents to fully load. Once done you'll have a menu bar at the top or bottom of the window to navigate and the option to resize the onscreen view should your O/S zoom or minimize the view.

Quick Configuration 

Basic steps to get started. It is not a complete guide for configuring your software.

 Applies to releases 4136, 4138, 171115, 171215, 180729, 180730

Crate Pro 6 Manuals

Release 4138 to 180729 and 180730  : Download this document for a full overview of Crate Pro 6. This manual will be updated with new features. Check for the most current release here.      

Crate Pro 5 Manual                                        

Crate Pro 5 manual is available in the Crate Pro 5 section of the support portal