Please review this article to explain the use of Clear Area and Dim Basis settings

In Preferences > Settings tab you will set both your company default 'Dim Basis' and your 'Clear Area' values.

Dim Basis: 

Dim Basis is the preferred dimensions you enter when creating a new Design. So either by Content dims or Inside Dims.

This should not be changed in Preferences once Crate Pro is setup however, users can change the dim basis when creating a new design by using the drop down next to the dimensions field in the design module. In Preferences check the box to the right to allow users to change the Dim Basis per design. Unchecking the box will force user to use the default dim basis set in Preferences.

Clear Area value located in Preferences > Settings, is used in a few situations:

  • When calculating your crate by Content Dimensions, this value is added to the content dimensions to determine your Inside dimensions. This will need to be recalculated every time you add additional Packing components that have a thickness value. This value can NOT be changed in the design module when calculating by Content Dimensions
  • When calculating your crate by Inside Dimensions , the 'clear area' value is subtracted to get a content size. The content dimension is only needed if you add wrapping, floater decks or padding based on the size of the content. The content dimensions CAN be changed in the design.

The effect of Dim Basis and Clear Area values:

  • When calculating by Content dims the value you enter in the 'Clear Area' field is added to the content dimensions when creating a new design. The content dims plus the Clear Area value equals the Inside Dimension of the crate. 

This value can NOT be changed in the design module.

When you add packing materials such as wrapping, or padding that use the content dims, you will need to Run Rules after adding your materials so Crate Pro 6 can account for the additional thickness of the materials being added and increase the crate dimensions to account for the "Content Dims + Thickness of added packing materials + Clear Area" 

  • When calculating by Inside dims the Clear Area value is only used when adding packing materials that are based on the size of the content. Crate Pro 6 will take your Inside dims and subtract the Clear Area value to estimate the size of the content. 

Users CAN change the content dims to calculate wrapping, padding and/or floater decks which in effect changes the 'Clear Area' value for that design

When creating a new design, in the New design window, you're able to see your default 'Clear Area' value in the More Dimensions tab and change the Content dims prior to creating the design. If the design has already been created you can go to the Packing tab and change the Content Dims to correctly match your content size. Select your packing materials AFTER you set the correct content size.

You only need to adjust the content dims if you intend to add packing materials that use the content dimensions.

Please review this article when adding Padding - your selection will affect your calculating inside crate dimensions: Padding: Affect on Content Dimensions

Additional Options for Floater Decks:

When adding a Floater Deck you may need more clearance on one side versus the other. Example: you have a content item that will sit on a floater deck that has a protrusion on one side. So instead of centering the floater deck on the base, you need it moved closer to one panel to allow for the protrusion. In the image below my Clear Area setting is 5". Crate Pro adds 5" to each side of the content (excluding the base).

My content has a protrusion on the right side so I adjust the Right side value to 9" which makes the Left side value 1". These values can be changed once the design is created and the information will appear on the Cut Lists next to the floater deck materials.