As of May 1 2020 some customers have reported getting a Dialogue Magic error     The error is caused by a Windows system clock change.  While you may have avoided updates to your operating system, Windows has internal settings in the core that on certain dates base actions will occur. Normally, users never see a change and there are no negative effects on programs. 

However, the Windows settings on May 1, 2020, block the ability of the Dialogue Magic plugin from opening  This is the solution but Crate Pro 5 is end-of-life so for future issues we may not have a solution for. Solutions for this release are provided by current customers which we will post if sent to us.

 I suggest that if you are not already creating exports of your Designs, Jobs, Contacts and Settings modules, that you do so on a regular basis and confirm the information is legible. Save your exports into a CSV or XLS file.

We will be happy to work with you to purchase the current Crate Pro which includes a maintenance option so it can stay current. Please note: Crate Pro 5 does NOT have the ability to migrate your design or jobs or pricing data.

SOLUTION: set the computers system clock date back to a date prior to May 1 2020. There are no expiration dates in Crate Pro 5 or in the Dialogue Magic plug-in but the Windows system clock upgrade causes a conflict. You will always need to ensure the date does not go past May 1 2020.

Customers using Crate Pro 5 should ONLY use a computer running an O/S  Windows 7. The computer should be removed from your network to avoid updating. All updates and scanning software should be avoided. This may allow you to run the program longer.