Crate Pro 6 helps users to manage the crating process by allowing users to indicate where in the process of crating the designs are. 

This can be accomplished from the Projects module for a small company, and/or other users can be added to Crate Pro 6 with specific user Roles which allows them, based on their Role(s) to move the designs along the process.

A Project can be in one of four stages:  Processing - Production - Final - Filled.

In the image below,  the Design Status's manage the Project Status. So as designs move through the status's, they change the Project Status automatically. This in turn will enter the date each Stage of that Project has completed.

Depending on a User ROLE - not all users can see or access the designs if their status is not where they can see it. For example: Sales team is working on quoting orders, the floor staff (foreman, sawyers, assemblers, etc... ) don't see these designs. When the quote is accepted, the sales team will change the Project status into 'Production'. This sets the individual designs on that Project to 'Released'. Now floor users can see and print out the cut lists with the assumption the Project has been accepted.