The ZOOM level is User account based and allows for the user to log in and have the Crate Pro 6 window at a preferred size. 

You can temporarily change the ZOOM by clicking on ZOOM at the top of the screen and selecting a new size there. This will set the new Zoom for that session only. The Users default zoom will be in effect when they log back in.

If you need to change the value on a permanent basis there are two steps in the named releases:

Windows 10 users: You may need to be logged in as a different user to make this change. Some system settings block changes made to the account you're currently logged as.

1> At top of Crate Pro 6 window click on ZOOM and set the value to your preferred %

2> User module - select the user account you are changing so their information appears at the top of the window. Change the Zoom level there to match. 

3> Log out and log back in for the new zoom level to take affect