SketchUP website offers a great deal of information regarding import/export for other CAD programs. We make available to you for free SketchUP 8. This is an older version of the program and the last that we were licensed to distribute. 

The default SketchUP file extension is *.skp. When using the free version provided, you have the option to export into other formats, both 2D image files (such as .jpg, ,bmp, .png) or 3D files for other modeling programs as a COLLADA *.dae or Google Earth *.kmz file.

If your needs require other CAD formats, please review SketchUP's PRO or SHOP version. Crate Pro 6 is independent from SketchUP and we do not provide support other than providing the crate style modeling files for use in SketchUP.   

The PRO version offers many additional export options which are shown in the image below. 

You may trial the PRO version for 30 days: Click Here