Applies to Crate Pro 6 release 1807nn and interim release 190730

Always ensure you have a current backup before making changes to your working /production files. 

Client-Server installations MUST CLOSE the files using the FileMaker Server Admin Console before making these changes or your files will be damaged.  The default location for your production files are:

  • Windows: [drive]:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Databases\ 
  • macOS: /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/

1> Download the new Resources file into your CRATE PRO BACKUP folder or your designated backup location

2> Delete the Crate Pro Resources from your CRATE PRO WORKING folder or designated production file location

3> Extract and save the new Resources file into CRATE PRO WORKING folder or designated production file location

Re-start FileMaker Server hosting if client-server

4> Open Crate Pro 6 normally

5> Go to Preferences > Styles > click on 'Force Synchronize All Styles ..."

You should now be updated with all changed and added new Style Templates.

You may need to scroll to your custom style template, Be sure to mark it as a Preferred Style for easy locating.

IMPORTANT: Custom styles that have been added by request must be reviewed and tested within 3 business days of being made available. We will adjust and change the style template at no additional cost if notified within the 3 business days. Changes after the 3 business days may require additional fees.