Setting your lumber costs based on board foot (cubic foot) is commonly used in the industry. However, you may purchase by linear foot, by piece or other unit of measure. Using an online calculator can make the  conversion easy.

Unlike linear footage, the board footage is a measurement of volume. It is used when purchasing multiple boards of lumber in various sizes. By definition, one board foot of lumber is one square foot that is one inch thick.

Whether metric or Imperial - this is one of the easiest calculators to use courtesy of Timbercreek - FCA Packaging

In the example below 

  • Entered is 1 x 4” x 8 ft board (Lumber Dimensions).  
  • Entered is one 8' board (Quantity) as one of the options when entering the Known Pricing is by piece (PC). You may enter as many pieces as you purchased.
  • You will enter the Known Pricing based on the Quantity of pieces entered
  • The board cost  $10 (Known Pricing) for the one board (note that there are other options for Known Pricing you may prefer)
  • The Output Pricing is set to show Board Foot (also changeable) which can then be entered into Crate Pro in your 'Cost Per Board Foot'


The calculator will provide the Total Cost (Total Price) which should match your total cost based on your settings.


Make sure you check the drop down options as this tool is very flexible for use.

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