Crate Pro allows companies to set company values which determine panel splices to ensure a piece is not narrower than company policy dictates or larger than the panel sizes being used.  This is not a panel yield optimization.

Due to the many variables in the crating cutting process, this is not a feature that will be added into Crate Pro 6.

Some of the more common variables:

  • Number of panels the saw can handle at a time
  • Number of different size designs that will be cut at same time
  • Direction of cut: Different saws will cut from the narrow side of panel, long side or even from the center outward
  • Direction of grain: Some standards require grain direction to be same on all panels. Optimizer must handle this requirement
  • Kerf allowance / amount-  varies by cutting tool: steel, plasma, laser, etc.
  • Waste allowance
  • Thickness of the blade on saw unit for those cut
  • Number of units in the Design versus amount of material that can be handled on saw
  • Automated saw allowance for entering requirements for multiple different size crate designs
  • Number of saws being used. Example: XYZ cutting line has three saws and it is undesirable for pieces coming off the last saw to be returned to the start of the line for further operations. There is a constraint on the process: the final pieces must be available after a single pass through the line. The tradeoff is that high efficiency layouts can require many saw operations, but the number of saw operations is limited by the cutting line's capacity. Therefore, the efficiency of the layouts is reduced.

Crate Pro 6 will allow users to export a Pieces report into a flat file format for import into software that accepts files. When doing so, specific Preferences settings should be made.

There are many options on the market for yield optimizing. Please do your own research based on your policies and saw methods. Here are a few options that customers have recommended if your saw or saw methods don't include panel optimization.

Note: We do not endorse any specific software listed below. If you have other recommendations, please send to Joseph, your recommendation and any notes you feel would help other users.

Opticut   Manual entry of all values

Powerful cutlist optimizer designed to find optimal cut layouts. Type the sheet length and width, cutting kerf and required panel sizes and quantities. Cutlist optimizer will generate optimal panel nesting plan in couple of seconds. Limited use free version available - monthly plans for greater use.


Cutlist Optimizer. (web version) Manual entry of all values. 

CutList Optimizer is an application targeted for panel cutting optimization. It generates optimized cutting patterns based on the available stock sheets by nesting the required parts..  Available on Google Play with in-ad offers