There are some circumstances where you will want to total square footage of your crates instead of one or two panels. Such as determining how much paint, adhesive or sealer to use on the outside of your crate. 

 Inventory > Coating :Typically when purchasing such materials by quart, gallon or can, listed on the side is the total square footage of coverage expected. 

This allows you to enter your cost based on your preferred unit of measure that you buy this product in into the Level B 'Unit of Measure' field . This line item should be your Tracking Level. 

In Level A where the unit of measure is by Square Foot (Ft2), you'll enter this formula '1/ [# of square feet of coverage]"

Crate Pro 6 provides the total cubic footage of the crate which can easily be converted to square footage using many online calculators.  

Calculator Site has been recommended by customers using Imperial dims: Calculator Site

Looking for an equivalent metric conversion site

  • In Crate Pro 6 > Design > Wts & Dims tab: Take the 'Cube Tot' value & the Outside Height dimension
  • Enter these values into the online Calculator Site [Be sure to set the Height field to inches versus feet]
  • Calculate    This provides the total square footage of your crate(s)

Here's an example of how this value will function in Crate Pro 6:

  • 1> Design > Packing > Other tab: Select 'Coating' in the Category for Lookup
  • 2> In Item ID select the material that will be used:  'Red Paint'. You could add additional notes to appear on cut list if desired
  • In the QTY field enter the total Square Footage to be covered. 
  • 3> If not all panels will be covered, you can use the Panel drop down and select the panel that will be covered. If multiple panels you may prefer to enter this information in the 'Notes' field