We use Join.Me (a Log Me In company) for customers to share their screens for support and training. MacOS may require that users allow the Join.Me app to share the screen. To ensure a successful screen share, please set your security settings in advance of sessions. This should only need to be done once.

> Apple icon > System Preferences

> Security & Privacy > Accessibility > check the Join.Me app


> Apple icon > System Preferences

> Screen Recording > check the Join.Me app

This will allow you to share your screen for support


We reccomend that you install the desktop version on all computers that will have Crate Pro 6 access. This will allow the user to share their screen for training and support. Join.Me is a Log Me In product but you do not need to purchase a paid account, but for easy connection and access to extra features, create a free account.

When you schedule a session via the Calendar you'll receive an email to confirm with links to join. Joining the online session and the call in link via phone are two separate links. You may share your email confirmation with all staff you want to join you on this online session and they may connect from their own computers. Crate Pro 6 does not need to be installed to join the session, only on the conmputers that a user wishes to their screen.

We recommend calling in via any of the phone numbers. There are many international numbers that are available in the list. This tends to provide the best audio, without lag or static. However, if you have speakers and a microphone, you're able to join the session, and click on the first circle in the Join.Me toolbar. The drop options will offer a 'By Computer' connection.