As part of the initial installation an admin account with a password is required to complete the installation.  When the installation is complete, Crate Pro 6 starts in the User module with the suggestion to add new user accounts before continuing

We do not have a 'Forgot Password' link due to the privacy requirements of different countries, as well as the security protocols of the customers on secure server networks. Staying current for an international market would require constant coding changes just for this single feature.

However:  If you're unable to login and the suggestions do not work for you, you may send us your main file and we will add a temporary admin user. Once the file is returned, use the temporary login and reset any/all existing user passwords. This will require that you provide your data file to us and it can take 24 hours and is fee based.


> Double check your user name is correct. Most companies do not use an email address as a user account.

> After 3 to 14 attempts you should see your HINT displayed directly under the password entry field.  If you don't see your Hint it usually indicates the account name entered is wrong or doesn't exist in this file.

> Have another user login and go to the User module > click on the magnifying glass next to the user that is unable to login and click on RESET PASSWORD 

> Check that you are opening the WORKING or production files and not a backup or the original downloads which have no user accounts.

> If there is no to minimal data already added, you may wish to replace the Crate Pro 6 files and install as a new installation.

> If you already added significant data - request an upload link from so you can send your file to us. In doing so keep in mind that we have access to any data you added to the program. Ensure this doesn't violate your company policies. PAYMENT IN ADVANCE REQUIRED Request an upload link and invoice