When updating FileMaker Pro 19 to FileMaker Pro 19.5, a known issue is the update doesn't identify the correct maintenance expiration date.

At this time the issue seems to be limited to the Windows operating system. An update has been released to correct this issue"

Claris-FileMaker released 19.5.2  on July 13th 2022 

a> When message comes up 'This version can not run with expired maintenance", leave open  on screen for 2 minutes.

b > Close FMP - reopen and should fix

Here is the Claris-FileMaker support workaround if you would like to keep FileMaker Pro 19.5.1

Thank you for contacting Claris International Customer Support. The information below is the work around we have at the moment:

a. Download a new license certificate from the ESD page. (please request this from support@CratePro.com)
b. Apply the license certificate by referring to “Enter License” on the error screen.
c. Exit FileMaker Pro 19.5.1.
d. Right-click the shortcut icon of FMP, then select “Run as administrator” to start FMP.

If this did not work the first time, repeat from step B using this same process mentioned above.