The term 'batten' is most common to describe the material used to fasten lumber planks together.    'Cleat' may be used interchangeably with 'Batten' when used on lumber sheathed crates.

In most published standards for light-duty lumber crate styles where the battens are on the outside, it's typically inset from the edge of the panels they're placed on.  The outermost battens are still considered 'Framing Battens'.

On light-duty styles, the number of battens placed on the Side and Top panels most often equals the number of Skids (stringers)

About Batten Offset

The distance that Batten Cleats will be placed from the Ends when added to light-duty lumber crates. The quantity of batten cleats added are set by the quantity of skids. This value is used to determine the spacing to determine the lengths of diagonal cleats.