Default labor times for materials in Inventory and actions in Preferences > Times tab, are presented in minutes and portions of a minute.  The presentation in fraction of a minute can often be confusing, so seeing the fractions in an exact number of seconds may be helpful.

There are hundreds of conversion websites but for ease of use, we like in the TIME tab

Set the FROM / TO to 'Minutes' and 'Seconds'. Depending on what information you need, you'll use 'Swap Units'.

Here's some examples of what time you might check:

Fasteners: example

  • Set the From Minutes / To Seconds - 2 1/4 Nail Install time is  .45 (of a minute)
  • Enter this value in the Amount box - this displays 27 seconds in the result'
  • This assumes 27 seconds to install one nail which may or may not be accurate for your installation method

If the time is not accurate - 

  • Select Swap Units so the From Seconds / To Minutes is displayed
  • Enter your preferred time to install one item - an example change is a change to 3 seconds (such as you may when using a nail gun)
  • The new result is portions of a minute shown in fraction format, Enter this new value into Crate Pro 6