Default labor times for materials in Inventory,  and actions in Preferences > Times tab, are presented in minutes.  When the time is less than a minute or is a fraction, it needs to be entered in decimal format. 

There are hundreds of conversion websites but for ease of use, we like in the TIME tab

Example: To install a single nail it may take 1 second, or even a portion of a second. That value is entered in a portion of a minute. So 1 second equals  0.016666667 Minutes. will quickly give you these values to enter into Crate Pro 6.

Set the FROM / TO to 'Minutes' and 'Seconds'. Depending on what information you need, you'll use 'Swap Units'.

Here's some examples of what time you might check:

Fasteners: example

  • Set the From Minutes / To Seconds -       2 1/4 Nail Install time currently is  .45 (of a minute)
  • Enter .45  in the Amount box  and the result is  27 seconds
  • This assumes 27 seconds to install one nail which may or may not be accurate for your installation method

If the time is not accurate - 

  • Select Swap Units so the From Seconds / To Minutes is displayed
  • Enter your preferred time in seconds to install one item - an example change is a change to 3 seconds (such as you may when using a nail gun)
  • The new result is portions of a minute shown in fraction format, Enter this new value into Crate Pro 6 for that item.

Changes made in the Inventory will not change locked designs. You will have to unlock / lock (refresh) them to update.  New designs will reflect the updated values.