When a computer connects to Crate Pro for the first time, it registers a unique device ID into the Crate Pro database. Each unique computer connection consumes one computer access licenses (CAL). You may register as many unique computers as you have CAL licenses for that database.  If you exceed this quantity, you must either delete one of the existing computers from the database in favor of a new one, or purchase additional CAL for the database.

You can see the quantity of CAL purchased for that database either on the CP6 Activation file or from Preferences > Licensing > Overview within Crate Pro 6

When the message above is valid due all available CAL or computers have already been used for the Crate Pro database:

  1. Log in from an existing functioning CAL computer. Go to Preferences > Licensing > Devices: delete one or more of the listed computers until you have fewer line items, computers, than CAL purchased. You can not delete a logged in computer. 
    • Using your Crate Pro Activation file - start FileMaker Pro on the new computer and apply the entire block of information in the file into the 'Activate' box. This registers the new computer.
  2. Or purchase more CAL so additional computer(s) can connect without having to remove existing computers from the database. Adding a CAL does not include another concurrent connection license (DAL). If you do not have enough concurrent connections, and you try to login from more computers than DAL, you will get a different error letting you know there are already all available active connections into Crate Pro in use. You'll have to wait until someone logs out and closes FileMaker Pro.

ERROR: Reported 2022 December - A current Windows 10 security patch may affect the how the clients device license is reported to the database so that client is no longer valid.
  • The easiest option is to follow the instructions in #1 above and delete only the computer from the Crate Pro 6 database that has the issue. Then add it back as a new client.
  • Be aware that you may have the same issue with other client computer(s) that you perform the same Windows update on, so please ensure that at least one client can connect prior to updating all clients so you have the ability to delete and re-add each computer that gets locked out.
  • This is an unusual error so should be encountered rarely if at all. However, due to Microsofts attempts to protect your systems, any new update or patch could have unexpected affects that we can not prepare for. Please be sure you're always on the most current versions of FileMaker & Crate Pro.

If you are experiencing this issue with all clients and are unable to access Crate Pro from any client computer because all CAL have already been consumed - 

>> For customers running FileMaker Server - you will need to stop file hosting via the FileMaker Server Admin Console, copy your three Crate Pro files into a temporary folder onto one of the clients. 

>> If you're running peer-to-peer, copy your three Crate Pro 6 files to a temporary folder on a separate client

  1. Create a ticket for support to request a temporary activation file from Crate Pro support (support@CratePro.com). 
  2. Start FileMaker Pro on the temporary client - go to Favorites > Add App > From Browse and locate the main Crate Pro file (it has the release number.) Click on it to create a new shortcut.
  3. When Crate Pro 6 first opens you should be requested to enter the temporary activation file information. This should allow you to log fully into Crate Pro 6
  4. Go to Preferences > Licensing > Devices and delete every computer in the list. You will not be able to delete the computer you are connecting from. The computer you're using will be the only one remaining.
  5. Close Crate Pro and FileMaker Pro (never use the X in the upper right corner to close the application. Always use the offered buttons)
  6. Copy the three files back to the orginal location on the server or host computer. Overwrite or replace the old files in favor of the cleaned ones.
  7. Start Crate Pro on the original Host as youn previously did, or from a client connect to the main Crate Pro file on the Server as previously
    • when moving the files back to the Server Data > Databases folder - don't forget to log into your Admin Console and restart the hosting of the files
  8. You will  apply your company Crate Pro 6 Activation file information. NOT the temporary activation file, to reconnect the client to the host or server

IMPORTANT - to avoid license conflicts, make sure you delete the temporary folder with the Crate Pro files. If a user accidentally opens the same files on your host and in the temporary folder, you could get locked out of both files. There is a fee to unlock files in this situation

Delete the temporary activation file, It could corrupt your design calculations if its still in active use past the temporary date established for the purpose of fixing your security issues.

WE ARE HAPPY TO ASSIST USING A SCREEN SHARE SESSION TO HELP FIX YOUR ISSUE. BUT WE WILL REQUIRE INFORMATION IN ADVANCE.  CUSTOMERS WITH FREE SUPPORT MAY BOOK USING THEIR SUPPORT PROFILE CODE- Customers without active support or maintenace that are using an active version/release, may purchase a 1 hour session. 

Deprecated and End-of-life versions are not support and payments will not be refunded. Payments made can be applied to the cost of new licenses.

If you have any questions or are not sure of your license status - contact is before scheduling online support