Customers with FileMaker Server may chose to host Crate Pro  files online. AWS is commonly used  or you may select any online hosting company that hosts FileMaker Server. 

FileMaker Server can be purchased from us at a discounted cost, however, because we use a perpetual license from Claris-FileMaker, they require a minimum of 5 CAL ( or client computer licenses)  to be associated with a Client-Server configuration.  If your current CAL license count is less, you will need to increase your CAL count or purchase FileMaker Server outside of Deploy Tech Services. Ensure you confirm the Claris-FileMaker Server version is  compatible with the current release of Crate Pro 6.

FileMaker Server licenses purchased outside of Deploy Tech Services are not supported for installation, issues or updates. We provide installation assistance for FIleMaker Server on a local server. Online hosting services may have different set-up requirements and fees which need to be arranged by your own IT familiar with the process or contact an IT company that is familiar with online hosting requirements. Please note: Crate Pro 6 does not use web direct for the clients to connect. FileMaker Pro client connects directly to the Crate Pro files using the server IP.

FileMaker Server licenses purchased through Deploy Tech Services are called a perpetual license and offer a low cost annual maintenance for updates and new versions. Claris-FileMaker offers different types of licenses and not all are compatible with your Crate Pro licenses. 

This company has assisted several of our customers with AWS installations and provided the below costing information.

Any costs associated with online hosting are separate from Crate Pro 6 and license purchases and will be bourn by you.


Bullet Points

For hosting the Crate Pro files, the typical costs to get hosted are:

1. Purchase a new subdomain - free if you already have a domain
2. Buy an SSL certificate - $99 / year on GoDaddy
3. Monthly usage fee on AWS - $35 / month (minimum) based on speeds and file sizes

The monthly hosting fee depends on the size of the FileMaker databases and how many people access the file at once. This value is also limited by the number of DAL (concurrent connections you have with Crate Pro 6). If unsure, contact us.

With the minimum hosting costs will average about $35/month (Jan 2023). However, this will be at minimum speeds. You may prefer to select a different program for higher transfer rates.  The way Amazon breaks down the costs fall into 2 categories: the instance type, which determines your CPUs and Memory, and the storage. You need some storage for the database files themselves, plus extra for FileMaker Server. You can get additional cost storage for backups (optional, but highly recommend).

Instance Pricing
T3.medium     $30/month (almost everyone uses this tier)
T3.large        $60/month (for heavy usage)
T3.xlarge        $120/month (for very heavy usage, typically with 3rd party integrations)

Storage Pricing
$0.10 / GB / month (we recommend at least 25 GB)

Backup Pricing

$0.015 / GB / month (Amazon requires 125 GB minimum)

** Price is as of January 1 2023 and is subject to change without notice.